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  1. My fourth time seeing muse last night and I have previously seen every single song on that set list at least once. So I got nothing new last night, but I don't care one bit. Every song was incredible (bar madness tbh) Reapers is incredible Citizen erased is citizen erased Take a bow returned for the first time since Wembley for me Map the same Stockholm Syndrome four out of four gigs for me, never seen New Born which was always it's other option on t2l tour and unsustainable stadium tour but Stockholm is up there as one of my favourites. Great performance. If I'm being really picky I'd love to have Bliss again and I'd drop Madness in its place (not that they are songs you could rotate there) but I even enjoyed Madness as that's why I go to gigs, I just embrace what's going on. Stage production is brilliant. I thought the band had a lot of energy. The crowd around me were good lots of bouncing. Didn't like the way Matt said Birming-HAM in a slightly American accent early on. All in all a great gig
  2. I just went to the genting arena. Fucking Adele is on there tonight people all dressed up to the nines. I'm now at the barclaycard arena haha
  3. Ok it's arrived. Explorers now. Great crowd I must say
  4. I haven't got mine yet. Damn Royal Mail!!!!!
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