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    I'm young ....
    I'm the only right handed person in my family...
    I can say the alphabet backwards like matt...
    If you want to know more, just ask :)
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    Sombrero Galaxy
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    I love playing my guitar (bass) and drawing. I'm also interested in animation and graphic design.
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    radiohead, green day, blood red shoes, u2, metric, billy talent
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    scott pilgrim vs the world,
    I don't watch a lot of movies :(
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    ... I watch history televison. I'm a weirdo.
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    Terry Pratchett novels,
    Tunnels series,
    narnia series :),
    calvin and hobbes
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    I don't have anything except for what's on my ipod actually. ** is mad at self **
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    If they come to Toronto or anywhere near where I live, I WILL BE THERE.
  1. I love them! I actually just started a random doodle of matt and had the urge to come check out the muse art section to see other people's work
  2. There's probably an unofficial fan club somewhere ... if you were looking you could try googling it or going to fan sites...
  3. I'm reading this one interesting book, and a part of it says that some of the characters were having the samsons and the BELLAMYS over for dinner I was reading it in the middle of class And I just stopped and stared at the book for a minute like I don't know what we were supposed to be doing in science today.
  4. My favourite is origin of symmetry ... I like how there's a variety of songs on it and I love the cover art My least favourite... maybe the hullabaloo soundtrack ... but that's actually because I still haven't heard a lot of the songs off that album ( I don't have a lot of time to listen to music these days ) I have a friend who loves absolution too though
  5. Oh gosh I just read through all of these You are now my hero XD If you don't mind another idea, how about doing one with the pwoper fish? That would be awesome
  6. Oh my gosh that's adorable Post the video XD I have a little brother who likes to sing uprising but he gets the words all mixed up; it's hilarious :3
  7. Hi, thanks for adding me :happy: How are you??? :)

  8. I think it would have to be apocalypse, please It says in the lyrics... " this is the end of the world " Fitting I think, seeing as it would be... XD
  9. Bliss. Everything about it is beautiful. The lyrics. The synthesizer part. The space bit in the music video is gorgeous too... But I'd have to say the very end is the most wonderful thing I've ever heard; how the last note of every little sequence lingers and wavers and then slowly fades away... My favourite song of all time actually. Other ones have to include endlessly and unintended :3 And map of the problematique And sing for absolution Starlight... the lyrics ... I think all muse songs have a certain beauty to them
  10. .... I agree with the people saying it would probably be hard to play live... I think it's a piece that just wouldn't be the same live, with all the noise from the fans, and where would they even put the orchestra? If they ever did the whole thing live it would either be awesome or suck really badly, I don't think there could be a middle ground... I think it's more of a just on the album thing, but I kind of hope that they would play the whole thing live and it would be awesome.... I think I just totally contradicted myself there.
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