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  1. MK Ultra Bliss Citizen Erased Hyper Music Piano Section: Ruled By Secrecy Sing For Absolution Space Dementia Sunburn Feeling Good Stockholm Syndrome Time Is Running Out Hysteria Cave Fury Supermassive Black Hole Encore 1: Starlight New Born Micro Cuts Megalomania Muscle Museum Encore 2: Plug In Baby Knights Of Cydonia
  2. Apparently there will be B-sides too! I'm hoping for the others that haven't been played on tour for ages. By the way slightly off-topic but how easy is it to get a decent view at reading? I want to go off to the other stages but worried I'll be so far back that Muse will be tiny little dots:)
  3. Call me naive seeing as I went to Wembley but I do have a sneaking suspicion it was the second night. If they filmed one night for sure it was the second seeing as they released 360 footage. Matt wore that silver jacket and chris was wearing a black top and white trousers, Muse tend to alternate costumes slightly sometimes per gig. E.g matt wears different trousers from gig to gig sometimes
  4. I was watching the ceremony highlights on the nme site and in the bit where they read out the nominees for best live band and when it got to muse they showed a PROSHOT! Version of resistance live with the stage from the stadium tours. This could be very exciting because this maybe hints that they have quite alot of material for a possible dvd!!!!!!!!! Does anybody share this thought or am I being over-excited:LOL:
  5. If we count off stage you have that mtv interview where he dressed up as captain america
  6. Haha true, although Dom and Chris have been in some funky stuff, I swear Dom dressed up as like a dinosaur character in Japan last year/year before:LOL:
  7. In my opinion it's the take a bow led suit from the stadium tour! Discuss:D
  8. Yeah I have trouble viewing it on some computers but then others work perfect:) who knows maybe this sort of stuff could end up on dvds etc
  9. Alright lol :L its my first forum sorry for creating threads I didn't know how to use it but I get the message, won't happen anymore its hardly the end of the world though really... :L
  10. would it be something similar to city of delusion or have I interpreted that wrong?
  11. Please discuss using: Song Name: Various Instruments Used: Additional if you want: Some lyrics: What it would sound like: Discuss:D
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