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    ask me anything... :)
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    the TARDIS!!!
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    playing guitar, video games,listening to music, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, travelling:), joking around XD
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    none (I'm a student.)
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    Muse(of course!! one of the Best Band EVER!!),The Beatles(they r a legend!), AC/DC, Iron Maiden(I love ROCK n' Roll!!), Franz Ferdinand(pretty awesome!), Rage Against the Machine(funky band!),The Who(a classic)
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    Saturday Night Live(Super Funny!), Doctor Who(Best Show EVER!!)
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    i don't read much...
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    I haven't attended to any concert!!! :( hope to see a show soon! :D
  1. thanks for the add!! :musesign:

  2. awesome! best show ever! :D

  3. haha your welcome :D! is doctor who your favorite tv show?? ^^

  4. Thanks :3 I love it too

  5. your welcome!!! MUSE ROCKS!!!! hahaha (big fan XD) :musesign:

  6. hi!!! love your profile picture!!!! (doctor who!!) XD

  7. Yo los vi en los VMA's en MTV cuando cantaron. Al principio no me gustaban pero entonces escuche la cancion 'Resistance' en MTV y me gusto. Por curiosidad me puse a averiguar sobre ellos. Baje algunas de sus canciones y me ENCANTARON!!!!! y ahora es mi obsecion jajajaja
  8. your welcome!! awesome!! muse is the best band ever!! hahahaha i'm a big fan ^^

  9. Hiiiii! Thanks for the add!!!!! :awesome:

  10. HI!!! Welcome to muse.mu :D

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