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    I am obsessed with Muse and Twilight. I love rock music. Random facts: I hate TV, I hate most music besides variations of rock, I hate chocolate, I can't stand Justin Beiber, I understood LOST.
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    Muse, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Radiohead
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    The Twilight Saga, The Simpsons Movie, Alice in Wonderland, The Happening
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    Invader Zim, Mythbusters
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    Twilight Saga
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    Resistance Album
  1. 1. Matt: Are those yellow pants your wearing? Dom: Yeah. Matt: okay... Dom: What do you want me to take them off or something? Matt: Well they just look a bit... gay on you. 2. Matt: ....Bowyow.......... Boowyou..... Dom: Bowie, that's what he's trying to say. David Bowie is very---- Matt: Bow-ey! Dom: David BOW-EY is very... 3. Dom: [wearing mask] SIT THE #@!$ DOWN!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWRRR!!!!!! SIT THE ^&$% DOWN!!!! SIT THE @$#% DOWN!!!!!! I have a lot of faves
  2. I, personally, think the best lyrics are in Execution Commentary, but that just me I also like Uprising, Exogenis 1 2 and 3, and stuff like that.
  3. I really wanted to go to the Resistance Tour. Will they ever do it again? (that may be a stupid question. I don't know. I don't go to concerts that often.)
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