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  1. Thanks for that! I've emailed that address now. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.
  2. I see what you did there Yeah maybe. But is there any way to contact Muse's release team at all?
  3. When i unsealed it and saw it was white i searched on the internet for a white release but i couldnt find it. and then i compared it with the black release. There was a theory that it is one of the 500 US released vinyls, but another member of another site i am with has said his is US and it is black. I can't think of any reason it is white, maybe it is one of a few rare ones? is there anyway to contact the Muse official release team regarding this? And yeah thats what the other members at musecollectors think too, it does seem real.
  4. Really? :S okay. well i took photos yesterday of the vinyl, not of the cover, since itd be kinda hard to see anything haha since it has the waxy type writing thats hard to see I just dont understand why someone would go to such lengths to make such a copy and a different colour? why not make it black and no-one would ever know its a fake copy?
  5. so im looking at my exogenesis, and the address in the hardly visible address words under the track listing and engineer and website details on the back of the cover is referencing a 'Warner Music Group Company, 3300 Warner Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505-4694;" and the more addresses. The barcode is a small eight on the left of the barcode, then within the barcode the numbers are 2564681891 then on the right side of the barcode outside is a small 4. On the spine it has the numbers 524341-0 on the top, then the middle it says "MUSE/EXOGENESIS: SYMPHONY (PARTS 1-3)" then at the bottom of the spine "WARNER BROS." Now, on the vinyl, the side with the track listing has the normal track listing and then under it it has the warner brothers logo and the Helium-3 logo right next to it, then the same numbers on the spine (524341-0) under it, then under that it has the speed (33 1/3 RPM) Underneath this is the small text saying who has copyrights and the such. It says Warner Bros Records, Warner Music UK limited, and that its manufactured in the netherlands.
  6. I got it off ebay. It is proper, as far as im aware. It has the same cover and quality as the normal black vinyls, and ive just posted the details ive taken straight off the vinyl onto the thread i made at musecollectors. You could go and check it out there or ill repost them here in about 10 minutes when i turn my computer on. It was still sealed when i bought it too, shrink wrapped.
  7. Hey all, just wondering what colour your exogenesis eps are, since I've only heard of it being black but mine is a white vinyl. Just wondering why I haven heard of any other white vinyls and what release mine would be then?
  8. Hello Mr. Tom Kirk, i was wondering if you could please message or reply to this the subject to successfully email qua@aol.com, so that i could actually contact Muse. Alternatively just for kicks you could tell me a new email that i could email to contact Muse. Thanks, Kyle

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