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  1. long time no see mouse

  2. Hey loser, do you go on here anymore? You're 20 already, time flies :'(

  3. Hey stranger, how are you?

  4. we should have a beard-off

  5. haaaahaha true, i forgot it xD!!!

    mm you'll se ;) haha


    ps: really? lol

  6. lol I think to see a notification, you need to write on my profile just like in facebook. Anywho, how are you different from other girls?


    PS I was drunk when I typed that.


    And you should feel proud that the greatest spent some time to type this!

  7. We do get along but don't you think it's too early to officially be friends? i appreciate the request though and will consider it when I'm drunk.


    - the absolute greatest

  8. I am the greatest!

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