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  1. Long time no post from me, but I just won a Voskhod on Ebay! I'd always wanted one of your pedals, but figured I'd be killed on Customs Duty.
    I will get an Animated one day though. If just to satisfy my teenage curiosity about it haha

  2. On 2/24/2019 at 5:52 AM, mvaughan89 said:

    @Dave. here is using the ‘59 and the Bluesdriver. They have always been a signature kind of combo in my sound. They do well for this I think. I think I’m close to his psycho tone as far as OD. Working on the fuzz stuff next. Yes I know it’s in D and I played it in E btw. Any eq tweak recommendations. It’s a phone camera so there’s that lol

    In all honesty, I wouldn't be able to make a proper EQ judgement based on a phone's mic. But it sounds like you're on the right track. Just take into account that literally every guitar tone you've heard from Muse is going through a microphone and other processing. So don't worry too much about getting it exactly the same for bedroom playing or even for live use. It sounds like you have it in the right area, so just tweak until it feels right to you. Best of luck!

  3. 3 hours ago, mvaughan89 said:

    Anybody have recommended amp settings for Matt’s basic live distorted tone? I have a significant amount different fuzzes. Namely for his tone though I have a Zvex Fuzz Probe, JHS Colour Box and a Keeley Compressor Plus. I’m running into a Marshall DSL40C.

    Overdrives I have on board are a stock Bluesdriver and a zvex ‘59 Sound. I also have other fuzzes including a Dr. Scientists Frazz Dazzler and a Fuzzhuggerz Phantom Arcade. I have plenty as far as whammy, verb, delay all that to tailor to different songs, but I’m looking more for a base live distortion/fuzz sound that is Matt/Muse like as a starting point. Any advice. Couldn’t find anything that clear cut on the forum. Everything seems Song specific. Mainly looking for base amp eq and settings to then build on. Any advice is welcomed though.


    Thank you!

    The reason you won't find anything clean cut is because what Matt uses changes constantly and you can be very sure that he doesn't use the same stuff live as in the studio.

    The Marshall is a good starting point. In generally, he doesn't actually use a lot of gain on his amp sound. This is so he can maintain clarity while playing chords. Keep your low end pretty tight (You can do this through a combination of reducing the Bass EQ on the amp, using an overdrive pedal (which I'll get to in a bit), and having a clean pick attack). He also has a very mid-range heavy sound. Again, dialling in some more mids alongside an overdrive will do this. In terms of Treble and Presence, try to add some nice high-end detail to the sound, but not too much as to make it sound harsh. I wish I could be more precise than that, but I don't know how your speakers, pickups, strings etc. are influencing the sound, so I can only be vague.

    In terms of pedals, as mentioned, an overdrive will help add that bit more gain to the amp sound. Preferably running either your Blues Driver or the '59 Sound with minimal gain and maximum level (I've never ran either of those pedals into a Marshall DSL, so I don't know which one will work best. But have fun trying it!). You're basically looking to make the signal hitting the amp louder with a touch of distortion and with a more focused sound. Whichever one doesn't do this job best, experiment with using it as a distortion pedal for heavier moments.

    Beyond that, it's honestly up to what sounds right to you. What I've laid out there will get you a solid rock guitar tone, which is really all Matt is using. There isn't really any particularly unique aspects about his base tone. It's designed to have the notes ring out clearly, get out of the way of the bass and have a touch of aggression.

    I hope any of this is useful. If not, well  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  4. 21 hours ago, james90 said:


    Almost word-for-word, because you used the phrase "high velocity swooshing" instead?

    Yeah they are a bit good. Remind me, did that one have the green PCB? Or was it one of the newer red ones? Asking for a friend..

    It was definetly red. I stared at that PCB on my desk for so many years I think I could redraw the circuit from memory :LOL:

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  5. 18 hours ago, james90 said:


    "A phase 90 you say? What happened to the original enclosure?"

    "The guy that gave it to me for free lost it."

    "Bastard. Wait, are you actually serious? 🤯"

    "Yes. Just listen to the three-dimensional swirl on this song by The Mars Volta that I am about to play..."

    That's almost word-for-word a conversation I had with someone one time haha
    Honestly, I don't think I'll ever get another Phaser. Every time I see a DIY version of a really interesting one like those Maestro Stage Phasers , I look up a demo and feel like it just doesn't sound right. Then I use the Phase 90 and it's just what I think a Phaser should sound like.

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  6. 14 hours ago, james90 said:

    Nice to see my phaser was worthy of a painted enclosure, even though I recall you got it for free 🤫

    Also, what happened to Dave? Did you voluntarily change it back to Longan? I trust Matthijs didn't accidentally reset it on purpose!



    People still don't believe me when I tell them you gave me a Phase 90! Haha

    I don't know, some weird forum-fuckery. Matthijs says he'll try to get it fixed permanently, but if that's not possible, I won't get upset over a full stop.

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  7. Weird, it was working earlier. It was basically a VH4 chassis on Diezel's page that was labeled "Adam signature amp proto" or something like that. There was something about it being "1995 spec" too, so maybe it's just a previous VH4 circuit (which would be a little disappointing if it doesn't have a built in Marshall Super Lead)


    Sounds interesting anyway! I checked their facebook page earlier and they didn't have anything on it, so they must have deleted it.

  8. Do tell


    Well, they should've included a wah wah, preferably one with a larger sweep. Adam uses that thing the whole time. Lateralus, for example, uses a wah wah with the toe down to get that slightly more trebly tone. They could've also included an MXR Micro Amp as a gain boost for the more heavy parts. In fairness, in that particular video, they get very very close. I just think there are things they could've included to wrap up the whole thing under budget.


    Don't talk to be about that QOTSA video. So many things they should've done...

  9. Asked him to publish the schematics? Wouldn't that mean less profits as everyone is building their own?!


    Everyone can access the schematics of the deep impact. But it was the programming of it's microchip that was the issue. He designed so obviously had the codes and recreated the sound using purely digital systems. He has made his receated version into a pedal called the Future Impact 1. And since he has ownership of that design and the pedal design, he is currently profitting from it's sale.

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