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Status Updates posted by Dave.

  1. Happy birthday! :batman:

  2. I know we have lindt. I've never seen any of the others.

  3. James! Happy birthday!! Hope you have/had a great day!

  4. Thanks :happy:

    Happy belated/predated birthday to you too ;)

  5. Happy birthday to all in Gangsta's Paradise!!



  6. Its both incredible and haunting

  7. Silly non-audience :noey:

  8. Apparently it was very annoying :(

  9. Thanks, I think at this stage I'm more well known for my sig then anything else :LOL:

  10. Its a new one. The old one was removed :(

  11. In the court of the Palace of Versailles with a full laser show using the windows to reflect them

  12. done, mine got removed too :(

  13. Thanks :) I haven't been in banter much. I'm still learning my way around here

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