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  1. Yeah that's cool mate, will take returns for musers off ebay mate Yeah christmas is the main reason I'm selling it haha Funds needed Drop us a message at some point soon bud
  2. It was sold as working when I bought it haha, from a trusty forum member, all it needs are a few wires but don't have the capabilities to test myself, sorry!
  3. Selling my Fernandes Sustainer FSK-101 (Humbucker) Kit... Bought from this board a fair few years back, cannot remember from who, but I'm sure they might. Never used it, still in same condition it was bought in, seems the previous owner slipped with a soldering iron but seems to still be in perfect working order. Will be putting this on the Bay tonight but will give you lot first grabs... Included is the Humbucker, and the switchy pcb mother board thingy.... Please see pictures and look at them so you know what you're getting... looking for Offers around the £75 mark.. but pm me and sorted! Also, 10 Bell0rz points for making your guitar go weeeeee forever.
  4. Been a whilez, relocating myself so need paper currencies.. Fender Frontman 212r for sale, The treble knob has been snapped off on the clean channel by an (ex) misses, and a knob come off (mother moving it around) the reverb pot but the pot still functions as it should. This amp seems to have bad luck around women so be cautious wink emoticon Looking for £100, Jim Dunlop GCB-95 Original Cry Baby with original plate, one foot missing, does not effect usage, looking for around £45, And Z.Vex Vexter Fuzz Factory (As Used by Matt Bellamy of Muse and Billy Gibbons of ZZ.Top to name just a few) The difference between the vexter series and the hand painted was a standard paintjob and the addition of a 9v battery compartment. Perfect Condition, one insane pedal! Looking for around £100 Reason for sale am moving out of devon and have converted to the electronic side of music so have no time to use, so would like to see them go to a good home where they'll be loved and used! All owned by me from the factory they came out of! Will take offers on the lot! Need them all gone as soon as!
  5. I'm suprised people remember me, wonder how long it is be longan finds me So he never had one then? I'm probably thinking of Jamie then xD Oh god, it's been too long
  6. Haha, I guess I have been gone a LONG time, where's your Manson gone? xD Or have I been gone so long that you never had one? Ahah. I fail :LOL:
  7. I live down the road from Mansons, so I'm deffo at the show, and also, I'm at the Birmingham show... So I'm up for both
  8. Can I just mention that I sent mine in 3 weeks early. Andit's not here. :|
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