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  1. Fair enough, the laser replica looks pretty sick!
  2. Fair enough.. The (what im assuming) was the previous one, looks absolutely spot on to the original.. It just seems like a little bit of a waste of time and money when he could have spent it making a replica of a different one.. or even, something original.
  3. Wait a second... If you already had two other delorean replicas... why make a third?
  4. I figured the only reason he has used it so much was because he bought it in bulk? Hell if it were me, I'd want to try as many different woods as I could possibly get hold of, that way if a customer comes to you and asks for a guitar made out of a specific wood, like swamp ash, or blackwood or something, you'd have most likely used it before and be a bit more comfortable working with it.
  5. He probably just turns down the volume on the guitar a little for the chorus which gives chords through a fuzz factory a fair amount more definition.
  6. sampudd

    Tube Amps

    You say that as if being on here at 5:46 am is far more acceptable than being on here at 4:46am...
  7. probably the easiest way to make a neck shim would be just to get a piece of paper tear a bit off and fold it over a couple of times or until it's as thick as you want it to be?
  8. Generally speaking I'd say to have the neck pickup quite a bit lower than the bridge pickup because neck pups tend to sound much much nicer clean, and having it lower means you can crank the clean gain up slightly more without it actually clipping and distorting. Anyway, the system of Trial and error isnt THAT lengthy with regards to pickup height, and besides, If you don't even know what you are looking for.. why not just leave them where they are?
  9. Have you ever made a guitar out of a real Mahogany? Something along the Lines of Fijian mahogany is pretty easy to get hold of. But trust me, it is a million times easier to work with compared to sapele, and the grain can be a million times more attractive.
  10. There is no such thing as a "sweet spot"... Higher = more "gain" Lower = less "gain" use YOUR OWN EARS and set it how YOU LIKE.
  11. I'd definitely suggest a solid finish, The grain on sapele is hoooooooorrible. Infact, why do you use it so much? Apart from the fact it has horrible gain, is ridiculously heavy and a bitch to work with, it has a fairly average overall tone, but for not too much more, you could cash out on a real Mahogany, or something with a bit of a more individual sound, like Alder or Ash?
  12. Learn to use the words "we're" and "us" correctly then.
  13. Lol... being facebook friends with tim does not make you his actual friend... Either way I don't think people should care so much about "ripping off" Mansons, It's not like they are going to be put out of buisness by smaller luthiers, even if they didn't sell MB1s, everything on their website is so outragiously overpriced they must make a packet! However I would definitely see someone ripping off Hooglebug as disrespectful etc.
  14. What.. no one is jealous, this has nothing to do with who has the best MoC etc etc. this is simply to do with WHY everyone has this idea that if people make MoC replicas for sale, that they are going to get fucked over by Mansons, And peoples attitude towards the sale of MoCs and the passing around of Schems. I personally would happily hand out an outline to any newfags that wanted it, if I could be bothered to do it in the first place. Okay, fair enough, If Musecasters is a regular in mansons then yeah, he has a reason not to make MoCs for sale. That is all this is about.
  15. I know, I was just outlining how silly this whole thing is.
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