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  1. I honestly feel The 2nd Law is one of their best albums and could argue it's their best. For me a lot of their albums have too many songs which sound quite similar while personally for me T2L doesn't. Each song stands out from each other and has more experimentation, integrates different genre aspects while keeping the 'Muse' sound, I know this'll be a very unpopular opinion. I personally couldn't make a list of which album is better then as I enjoy them all, some more then others depending on the day but I feel T2L gets a lot more hate then it deserves. I'd be very frustrated if they just did another Absolution or OoS, as much as I love those albums they've had their time. OoS was over 10 years ago, if they were still trying to write songs like Hyper Music it wouldn't say much for their development as a band or as musicians....there is a high chance I could wake up tomorrow and completely disagree with all this
  2. I always get that feeling with almost any Muse song when I have a spell of listening to something else then end up back at Muse. For instance I was listening to Jamiroquai today on the bus then put on The 2nd Law and was just :O (my ipod had died and I only have a few songs on my phone) Usually songs like Map of your Head or City of Delusion I sit there amazed with a :O expression
  3. Personally don't mind Dizzee Rascal or Bastille, not that I bought the ticket to see either of them obviously, as long as I see Muse i'm not to fussed who supports them but I won't mind sitting through them. If you've heard one Bastille song you've heard the rest as well. Can't help but feel they're a odd choice of support acts though....
  4. All muse have now done is record Matt Bellamy playing about with his Kaos Pad on his guitar, he's doing it live for many years anyway
  5. 1. Planet Telex 2. The Bends 3. High and Dry 4. Fake Plastic Trees 5. Bones 6. Nice Dream 7. Just 8. My Iron Lung 9. Feeling Good 10. Bullet Proof...I wish I was 11. Black Star 12. Sulk 13. Neutron Star Collision 14. Street Spirit (Fade Out) Encore 15. Undisclosed Desires 16. Guiding Light 17. Back in Black
  6. They're only a semi-tone apart so they are going to sound quite similar anyway, it's just down to your ear and you think sounds right, just playing it now and both of them do work, I guess it's just personal preference Just watched that and at around 1:23 you see him play that A*
  7. Muse wouldn't do that, would they? *head explodes* They grace us with such quality, what was I thinking? They are clearly masterpieces!
  8. You need to be in an official fan club to be a official fan?
  9. "Matt Bellamy has come out and denied these claims saying the meaning behind Bliss was "Unintended" and that they did not want their fans to commit suicide. Muse have warned the fans they won't stand in their way and the fans will hope and will die to no avail" "Muse have released an official statement saying there is a guiding light at the bottom of each cliff they jump off so fans have now stopped this mass suicide as they want to be nowhere near guiding light" My head is exploding with muse references
  10. "Recent suggestions about Matthew Bellamys true meaning behind Bliss has come into question as many of their fanbase from all around the world are now following in the footsteps of this local Matt Bellamy wannabe"
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