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  1. What's the difference between Express Delivery and Recorded Standard Delivery (apart from the price) ?
  2. I completely agree with Finegan. It's THE SUN, I mean... I was already shocked that Matt actually spoke with them. So, better no speculate on that. They will say whatever they think it's going to be more 'scandalous'. And, I don't think that because it's more "personal" it has to be more "soft". At least I hope.And then, Matt said (and not to 'The Sun') that they were going back to the origins, at least on what concerns the lyrics. Anyway, the next album won't come around for at least a couple of years so I really don't see the use of torturing ourselves thinking it's going to be a shitty pop album.
  3. If they've filmed all their gigs so far, they're going to do the same with the Australian bootleg, so they'll probably include some songs on the dvd. So, who know when they will release it. Not for Christmas...
  4. I love this song! I really can't understand why it doesn't have a pwoper video clip.
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