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  1. So the wood still needs to be sanded down to an aplicable size, wayyyyy to big at the moment I'm expect the neck to be delivered during the week, and then i can start routing Cheers, Drummerguy103
  2. Thought Id post some photos for progress... The outline here is ready to be cut. \/ During bandsaw cutting \/ and after band saw \/ Edges sanded \/
  3. Hehehehehe musers are the mature type... :-) Another question, should I get some seymOur Duncan shrp-1s? (P-rails) Had a look and I reason their pretty versitile for general use
  4. Exactly.... This is probably anyone has tried a solid body although ZZTop has hollow bodies made from balsa with white paint; Gibson also use balsa in the ES-135 for the center block..
  5. Fair enough, but Im lucky enough to have resources available so y not?
  6. umm yer might want to replace the word 'two' with 'four' I'm just putting the bridge, pickups, 2 pots and a toggle switch in so there shouldnt be too much routing Thanks... I was going to be getting the neck from Warmoth It will probably be cheaper to get the strat neck as well... Cheers, DRUMMERGUY
  7. I live in adelaide, Australia... Well long story short, our family business is a balsa factory, so I get the stuff free. This is a 'prototype', if the wood cant stand it (highly doubt it as its damn heavy ) or the material sucks then I will buy a mahogany blank.. Once i get all the parts then i can do a dry run first and if I dont like it I can chuck it and keep the parts....
  8. So Im starting my 007 copy (minus all advanced electronics) but with a twist... Neck - Maple Fretboard - Rosewood Body..... - .........Balsawood Before you start posting 'Balsawood is too soft, balsawood is craptastic for guitars' think again.. There is heavy balsa, just as with every wood. Sooooo... heres the blanks... A couple of questions to the wise... 1) Is it possible to use a tele headstock and cut the manson shape into it? 2) For anyone who owns a mattocaster or the like... what is the thickness of yours? Cheers, DRUMMERGUY
  9. Gday MansonProject, sounds like im in the same boat as you (im 17yo) I have started planning and just printed my final plan for the body. Although the body is going to be the same shape im using different pickups (Seymour Duncan SHRP-1 set) and the big difference is the body wood.... Im using Balsa Wood... The balsa im using is a very high density, (some people think that balsa is just light ) One question for anyone who can answer it..... Does the Mirror Manson have its whole body covered in mirror? Cheers, drummerguy
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