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  1. Come on, you're comparing






    Looking over setlist.fm, these are tiny venues and judging by their set designs, a tiny fraction of the labor.


    Muse has like a hundred people, several stage trucks and they're booking 15,000-20,000 person arenas and even then, these shows aren't that profitable. I'd say accounting for expenses, Muse and *insert band playing tiny theaters* are charging about the same. If they're not cheap, they're reasonable and justified at the very least.




    wo wo slow down.

    I'm very well aware of the numbers you've mentioned.I was comparing it to the psycho uk tour.

  2. Was a problem with one of their stageboxes iirc so they had to send the broadcast feed to the FOH sound. Nowt to do with weather










    Unnatural Selection

    MK Ultra



    Who Knows Who

    Stockholm Syndrome

    Butterflies & Hurricanes

    The Small Print

    New Born

    Hyper Music

    Micro Cuts


    Yes Please

    Execution Commentary


    I'm game.


    That's not far off to be honest.

  3. Guitar Riff: Stockholm Syndrome

    Bassline: Hyper Music

    Chorus: Stockholm Syndrome

    Verses: Map Of The Problematique

    Solo: Darkshines/Showbiz

    Piano: Space Dementia

    Vocals: City of Delusion

    Backing Vocals: Drones

    Falsetto: Citizen Erased

    Lyrics: Ruled By Secrecy

    Intro: Space Dementia

    Outro: Space Dementia

    Strings: City of Delusion


    Pretty much this. If only replace strings with Blackout. And falsetto with handler.

  4. I just bought MMJ's ticket in O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire for 27 pounds. They always do longer setlists and put on a great show, bigger band which means more equipment and technicality. Muse at Manchester Academy cost close to £50. There's no question they're asking more than others do. Don't call it cheap because it's not.

  5. His cover of reapers is funny :LOL: Drones :D


    I've just seen your cover of Mercy, I like it! Love that prechorus! :happy:


    thanks :)

    I'll be back home next week. first thing I'll do when I arrive is this.

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