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  1. You must have taken it with you - it was nice in the UK for most of last week!


    Have you been in brooklyn yet? If not, there are some areas worth checking out. williamsburg is pretty cool.


    I can't say I'm too familiar with woodside. I'm pretty sure that's in queens? I've been through queens so many times now (it's between NYC and here) but I'm not familiar with the area itself.


    Yeah spent most of my time in williamsburg tbh. there was northside festvial as well last weekend so lots to see and do. Woodside is in queens yeah. it's very 'Irish' :LOL:

    posted some pictures here. lots more that need processing. Wish I could stay longer though. was just starting to learn how to enjoy it properly!

  2. I remember someone had quite a boo hoo for me not using fingers on my playing. Well, here we go then. Used the pick on the breakdown only to make the filter react to every note.


    One thing to note; I don't give a shit of a few flubbed notes here and there, or just any minor errors. I rather make an cover that is enjoyable to make than just stand still without any emotion paid to the music and watch to not make a single mistake. And no, I'm not trying to sound 1:1 with the original. Isn't it kind of the point, to not to just make a replica of the original?




    And yeah, Apocalypse Please isn't the most techincal song ever. So what? You can't enjoy music solely for the feeling in it?



    Dude calm the fuck down. Don't bother with what others tell you if you don't find it fair. You do your thing.

  3. Best reaction was this one. I know sidious also had a video of something similar from one of the shows he went to around the same time




    How are you liking NY?



    Yeah I remember this. I like how he didn't a take a second look at it. NY is very good. went out with a random bunch of Irish people to some places in Woodside which was an 'interesting experience'.

    Don't know what to do today and tomorrow with this weather though. I can't scape the bloody rain no matter where I am :/

  4. my opinion has changed quite a lot. I find myself picking my phone up to listen to the aftermath-the globalist duo, go for a walk and think about life decisions. it's happened more than a few times now...

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