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  1. Yeah. Based on the diagram, the blue wire is the hot connection from the bridge pickup. So that would go to the remaining pin on the selector.


    the red+bare are just the ground connection from the bridge pickup, so you can connect that to any grounded point in the guitar. The diagram has it connected to the body of the pickup selector, but you can connect it to the back of the volume or tone pot instead (since all of these are grounded, it doesn't matter which one you connect to)


    thanks! soldered and all good again!

  2. It's difficult to tell exactly what's going on in that picture. It looks like both pickups are still connected to the switch at least.


    As for mine, it really doesn't look any different from this, so it's a bit hard to make out what's going on exactly. I can send some at different angles if you want though





    thanks! so based on that


    what I'm sure of is:

    1. the blue wire needs to be soldered to the toggle

    2. white and bare (wrapped in green coating) to be connected to the middle pin and the base of tone knob in that order.


    What I'm unsure of is where RED+BARE should go

    in the schematics it shows the RED + BARE coming from the humbucker to the toggle where as it looks like yours goes to the tone knob (which makes more sense). are both RED and BARE both connected to the base of the knob?

  3. Cort has a schematic for you




    Awesome. exactly what I needed. thank you!!



    Are you rewiring the tone pot only? Or the whole thing?


    I can't find a diagram that uses similar parts to the stock MBC-1 (it has one of the import toggles, which is different from the usual switchcraft type) but I can crack mine open tomorrow and take a few pictures if you want. Might be able to draw something up too.


    But if you just need to rewire the tone pot with a new capacitor or something similar, I can explain how to do that.


    Hopefully, it's just the tone pot but I might do the volume one as well as it seems it's on its way out (which is really odd, I've not even used the guitar that often!) pictures would definitely help if it's not a big trouble. Much appreciated!

  4. Not sure you're meant to be any quicker. On super fast fibre broadband dead on 9!


    I've been going to Muse gigs for the past 11 or 12 years and never known it to become so difficult to buy tickets as it is now! So frustrating


    it's a milliseconds race. thousands of other people are trying and a lot of factors other than your internet speed determine who gets on the page first.

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