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  1. long time since I last I posted but I do visit every now and then! made a little mashup from TC and Fury because why the hell not. not very precise but you get the idea
  2. were there new tickets on sale? Ticketmaster's page use to say sold out but today it's open again although it says no tickets available!
  3. thanks! so based on that what I'm sure of is: 1. the blue wire needs to be soldered to the toggle 2. white and bare (wrapped in green coating) to be connected to the middle pin and the base of tone knob in that order. What I'm unsure of is where RED+BARE should go in the schematics it shows the RED + BARE coming from the humbucker to the toggle where as it looks like yours goes to the tone knob (which makes more sense). are both RED and BARE both connected to the base of the knob?
  4. so going back to this -> http://www.cortguitars.com/uFiles//product/96/schematics/MBC-1.pdf a bit confused about what's happened as mine doesn't quite match the schematics. see the picture below. James, it would be great if you could send some photos!
  5. Awesome. exactly what I needed. thank you!! Hopefully, it's just the tone pot but I might do the volume one as well as it seems it's on its way out (which is really odd, I've not even used the guitar that often!) pictures would definitely help if it's not a big trouble. Much appreciated!
  6. hey guys, n00b question. my mbc1's tone knob's wiring is all fucked so I have to resolder everything. Is there a wiring schematics I can follow? it's the standard one without any additional mods. Thanks!
  7. it's a milliseconds race. thousands of other people are trying and a lot of factors other than your internet speed determine who gets on the page first.
  8. What the actual fuck The tickets we got say it's for Belfast gig. But all the way through the checkout it was saying Shepherd's Bush. 😡😡. Thought it was too good to be true. What the hell are up to
  9. iirc I once got a presale link and/or password on my .mu account just above the downloads section. It might worth checking that as well
  10. are people getting their passwords? I remember we last time I didn't get any emails even though I've been signed up for a long time. Don't wanna miss out on this one :/
  11. Just came back from a Glen Hansard gig. 11 piece band played for two hours and a half none stop and the sound mix was the best I've heard in any gig I've ever been to. OT: #longersetforlondon
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