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  1. I don't have a perfect Muse setlist, but I'm seeing them for the second time live on March 4 in Chicago and I wish they would throw one of the following into the set: Citizen Erased, Apocalypse Please, Assassin, or ANY song off Showbiz. ^ The first three are extremely unlikely and they'll likely drop Sunburn or Falling Down by the North American leg of the tour. Let me just say I am glad I got to see Ruled By Secrecy live the first time I saw Muse live in October 2010.
  2. I used the muse.mu preorder to buy my tickets for the March 4 show in Chicago on October 10. As of December 29, I have not received my tickets in the mail. I know "technically", they have up until 2 weeks before the show to ship them out. But I want to know if there's anybody who ordered tickets the way I did for the Chicago show and if there are have they received their tickets yet? Hopefully, if worse comes to worse and the tickets don't arrive by 7 days before March 4, having my digital receipt including my receipt/ticket purchase number, will be enough where I can get help with this issue and/or will call tickets.
  3. Happy early New Year! :party:

  4. I hope the weather will be fairly decent too, I mean not a blizzard or anything. My mom is driving (and accompanying) me to the show from Milwaukee so I hope we don't get hit too hard. On another note, has anyone that bought tickets for this show from the muse.mu presale, not get their tickets in the mail yet as of December 8? I hope this whole thing isn't some sort of scam because if it is my digital receipt will mean nothing.
  5. Didn't know there were gig threads here. I'm in Section 108! I'm so excited to be seeing Muse for the 2nd time, the first time was in Milwaukee in October 2010 on The Resistance tour. Anyone else excited for this show?
  6. Yeah I guess that's true. At my show I could only see the visuals of New Born (the eye thing which reminded me of Pink Floyd Pulse) and Starlight (The Resistance logo) fully well.
  7. I had never seen the robots before. When I saw Muse live in Milwaukee last October they were using the tower-setup so I seriously doubt they used the robots then or I thought I would have remembered that.
  8. Awesome! Can't wait to see a matrix of the pro-shot and Liam's source. Will it be in torrent format? It's a lot easier to download that way vs. megaupload/rapidshare. I saw the BBC3 proshot of Reading on YouTube before it got taken off. Even though only 3 songs were shown from Origin Of Symmetry I could tell it was an incredible performance, especially Stockholm Syndrome. Awesome stage setup too with the screens and the pyro. But, to be honest I've gotta say the visuals for Supermassive Black Hole were exteremely lame. The video of the robots or whatever looked like it came out of a children's video. But they still played the song great.
  9. So I have a question about the Tom Waits piece "What's He Building?" that Muse used as an intro to the 2011 Leeds & Reading shows and supposedly on Hullabaloo (I use the wod supposedly because I don't have that CD/DVD). After reading about "What's He Building?" on Muse Wiki, I always thought it was something Tom Waits wrote and recorded specifically for Muse. But I was looking at his discography the other day and on his album The Mule Variations there is a track of the same title. My question, is there any difference between the version played as an intro to the Muse shows and the version that is on The Mule Variations?
  10. The Who were using backing tracks in 1973 with cassettes on the Quadrophenia tour and usually for the synthesizer parts of "Won't Get Fooled Again" up until they got a keyboardist. Listen I don't know anything about Depeche Mode but backing tracks were used in shows way before they even existed. On the topic, Muse using backing tracks doesn't surprise me. I thought a lot of "Undisclosed Desires" live had to be backing tracks. Wasn't it like a drum machine or synthesizer/programmer on the studio version? You can't really replicate that live. You can't tell me that they actually can replicate that song live with a Keytar and those two weird drums Dom uses? Not dissing them, just asking a question.
  11. Happy Birthday! :party:

  12. Personally, I think it would be cool if Panic! At The Disco s should support Muse for more than one date. I think the same about AFI. I love both of those bands a lot and have seen AFI live myself.
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