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  1. zum geburtstag viel glück

  2. heeeeyyyyaaaa Linnosh :kiss:


    I threw in your letter this morning on my way to school ! :D:happy:


    Ich hab' dich gaaaanz lieb' :stongue:


    :party: (S)He-Who-Can't-Be-Named... Oh right, sorry... But luv' Harry Potter :awesome::p

  3. Hey there my little whore !

    Babysitting is so much fun :p

    And Awwwww this message is just so cute ! Thank you soooooooooooooo much !



    I love you just too much too, Lovie :kiss:

    Ich hab dich auch gaaaanz lieb !

    Moi aussi j't'aime !

    Te quiero también !

  4. :stongue: :fap:

    Ooops wet...


  5. AliceAliceAliceeeee I miss you too :( I'm always onliiine (but never after 7pm, mum puts Internet off THE BITCH) Huge kisses xoxo





    Woop that's not cool I miss you LOADS :( WOOP YOU BACK SOONISH CANNOT WAIT :D:awesome:


    MWahahahahahah that's good, cause being hungry while eating would be rather fail :happy:

    Lina, wo ai ni too !!! Dunno what's the chinese for "too" :happy:


    BUNCHES of kisses :kiss:


    P.S.: It's possible, because I DO LOVE YOU MORE :awesome:


    (wow looks huge now :eek:)


    Oh right... Skype doesn't send 'em... I WANNA READ 'EM SO COME ON SKYPE !!!

    LOL I knew you'd say that about food... You're such an eatbag ! Are you EVER not hungry ???



    KISSES from.. Uuuh, France ? Hell yeah, from France... :kiss: !


    Love you more :kiss::happy:

  8. Aaaah we should go there together one day, with Liam ofc !

    I'll do my best to come to Berlin when I can afford it :)

    I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR YOU !!! I'm sure you're very talented and I'm sure I'll fall from the chair when I'll hear your sexy voice :orgasm: WHUT NO SMILEY ?


    I Looooooooooohooooooohooooooohohohohohohohihiihihhahahahehehehhohohoohohove youuu too :happy:



  9. Awwwww I'm so glad you like iiiit :D

    *beats school up* Better now ??? :p

    I went to Europa Park, you know, "Deutschlands Grösster Freizeitpark" in Baden-Württemberg :) The city next to it is called Rust, but I bet it's rather tiny :happy:

    Yes, do that, record you singing, and OFC THEN YOU HAVE TO SEND ME ! I want to hear your angel voice :awesome:

    Ich hab' dich lieeeeeeeb' (yes I can talk in German :mwahahaha: (WHUT NO SMILEY ?))

    I love you so so so so so so so fucking much too, I want to hug you too and I can't wait for a duett :happy:


  10. Aaaah :(

    Mean school *hits it with a HUGE stick*

    I won't be on on Saturday :( I'm in Germany ;)

    Sooo... I think you might like that =>

    Ich hab' dich auch lieeeeeb' :kiss:

  11. I miss you *points* :'(

  12. Heeey Y'a pas de problème ma chérie, moi j'suis toujours là pour toi dès que t'as besoin, n'oublie pas :)

    Awww la Floride ça a vraiment l'air sublime, pauvre de toi :(

    Bonne chance pour les cours en tout cas ! Ici il reste plus qu'une semaine et c'est les vacances de la Toussaint :D


    Gros Bisous Baveux (ou pas, comme tu sens :happy:), je t'aime :kiss:

  13. Ma chérie


    J'espère que tout va bien :)

    Je t'aime :boobs:


    P.S.: Je sais, j'devrais arrêter de over-utiliser le :boobs: smiley... Mais c'est trop tentant :awesome: !

  14. Hey sweetie Syrupflasche ! It's okay for Internet, don't worry...


    I love you loads, miss ya loads...



  15. butterflies_1.jpg


    I was honestly too lazy to draw butterflies on my own :LOL:

    Me = lazy arse.

    Ich bin so faul :happy:


    Mein Schmetterling


    P.S.: if that's wrong, I blame google translate :mad:

  16. Yeah, let's have sex :supertongue: :stongue:


  17. AWWW ze t'adore trop aussi !!! Eh oui, je dois l'avouer, tu me manques aussi :'(

    Whaaa, méchant décalage horaire, on devrait le frapper avec un bâton :p

    Wooo j'ai hâte de voir les photos !!!! ;)

    Football Américain !! ça a vraiment l'air violent :p


    Gros Bisous Jen, Luvya :kiss:

  18. :dance::awesome::happy::dance::awesome::happy::dance::awesome::happy:


    J'm'ennuyais. Alors voilà...

  19. Whaaaa you left me :'(

    And your French is awesome !

    Les toilettes ? La deuxième porte à droite ! (which means the second door on the right)

    Btw, Liam texted me back and said thank you. I was supposed to tell you, but as you left :$

    I love you so much my little Syrup Bottle !

    Big :kiss:es

    Auri, the syrup-al killer

  20. You Fapper...

    Well, I like it, so just carry on :kiss:

  21. OH MON DIEU ! :happy:

    Tears came in my eyes ! I'm so freaking happy for you !!!!

    When will you fly there ??

    WOOOOOOOOOOO :awesome:

  22. WOOP WOOP !

    J'espère qu'il faisait beau !!! :D

    Et merci pour la photo :happy:

    I love you too :kiss:



    Omg this message really cheered me up :) I spent the most awful day of my life probably... And it's so freaking hot ! So if I don't answer after Tusday, it might be because of this fucking weather... But I promise I'll try to stay alive :D


    See you soon and enjoy your holidays !!


    Omg, I have just read the message you sent me on facebook :awesome::happy: Thank youuu, that was really nice !




    P.S.: I miss you :supersad:

  24. Ofc, you'll be hypnotized by the shining of your house when I'll be finished with it :happy:

    Anton's vagina... Where is that ??? :p

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