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  1. Oh my days, that was stressful! Never gets any easier either. I hope everyone got the tix they wanted....along with the second mortgage to secure them!!! Shocking prices now.
  2. No code here either. And now my account got blocked after I requested a new password. I'm not having a good day.....🤬
  3. These pics make LCCC look massive and it really wasnt. I went to this and both Wembley gigs and I think this was my favourite, I was in unreserved seating, Matt's side, and I would've hated being behind me! We were stood with some very unimpressed people, not bouncing about singing (badly) like me, my friend and a slighty tiddled lady on the next level!Glad I wasn't standing though, I'm far too old to enjoy getting wee thrown over me!!!!
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