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    07,01,2010 Olympic Hall,KR
  1. MuMDC

    about presales?

    1. let me know what it is like to buy presale ticket than general ticket. i can watch the concert near the stage?? 2. how can i buy it? through muse official site (muse.mu) or local ticket site? 3. Can the presale tickest also be sold out??
  2. i have a 22th concert ticket(standing). it is e-ticket. i purchased the ticket throughout http://www.ticketnet.fr/index . i want to cancel the ticket but im not French. so i couldn't contact to the website.T T so does anyone know a way that i give it someone safely or that i cancel the ticket??? i know the Muse Stade de France ticket already sold out. it is rare ticket.. and moreover it's STANDING ticket(not seat).
  3. i think and musewiki has written " i can be wrong" " i'm too headstrong" but a few days ago, when i read the lyric " i can't be wrong" " you're too headstrong" which one is correct lyric? so then Kate , you're too headstrong? matt think I have done nothing wrong to you??!! just madness? ;-l just madness was swallowing that couple?
  4. matt says " now i have finally reached the end" ? instead of original lyrics " seen the end " or my ears are weird..?! jhehe
  5. does anyone remember this video? oneday,,some years ago,, matt mentioned about "kim jong il, north korea " during interview .. i've watched the video. now i'd like to watch again today, but i can't find it.
  6. Muse fans + Acade fire Fans << Tokio hotel Fans ??? ....l.o.l.
  7. we must vote for MuSE and also let's vote for Acade Fire !
  8. last year... 1 . Muse VS Cobra Starship -- muse win 2 . Muse VS Weezer -- muse win 3 . Muse VS Tokio Hotel -- .. yes funny we must run this time
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