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  1. Maybe they shouldn't have played like 15 shows there in 2 years
  2. so they're offering GA early entry yet again with the VIP packages, I see? Prob won't matter with the stadium gigs, but the US shows will be fucked just like they were on the amphitheater tour. You won't be able to get barrier even queuing all day because it will be all VIPs. good job, muse
  3. If you have the day off you should go queue even if you don't get tix. A few people got in that way last time.
  4. I love how there don't seem to be any official rules or anything. Just enter 500 times, that should get you in. I put in an entry even though 2 days severely limits travel plans. At least last time they made it sound like it wasn't random -- I seem to recall you having to write a little paragraph about why you wanted to go or why you were a fan or something. At least I think that's what I remember..
  5. It's usually the same week. I think last time it was: Wed - "fanclub" presale Thurs - other presales (venue, radio stations, etc) Fri - general public good to see another person from NC on the board
  6. that's what I was thinking too, but with the article title "being human", maybe they were trying to show as many imperfections as possible
  7. are you on the west coast? I'm flying over and not paying nearly that. Where are you, if you can get to Boston for cheap you can fly from BOS to Gatwick for $360 RT on Norwegian
  8. I did a little research on this a while back and my takeaway is either have a friend over there that can get the tix for you, or look into a company that will buy the tix for you. There are a few companies that offer this service, (yes it costs $$) and they seem reliable (based on reviews).
  9. Got nothing. :'( Kept refreshing and options would pop up but it would only let me choose 2 for a quantity and then tell me there weren't enough. Guess I will get up at 4 again friday and hope for the best
  10. Is there something else aside from the youtube vids Matt has been linking? I only saw that by accident on an instagram comment. I don't deep dive into the comments left on his posts...does he have another account or something I'm not aware of?
  11. So I'm guessing it's only for the UK site and if we bought it through the US site we ofc won't be getting a code. *sigh* I know it's a long shot, but if anybody gets an extra code, (or is willing to try for an extra ticket for a loser American) PM me. edit: actually it looks like it's letting me place an order through the UK site. wtf am I going to do with a cassette? lol
  12. You have Charlotte gigs in your sig so I assume you are from NC? Just stopping by to say hello as a fellow North Carolinian :)

  13. Is that a random listing or are 21pilots headlining? LOLOL
  14. It's wild how people come away with different experiences. I've seen shows in NYC and LA both on the last 2 tours and I always felt like the NYC crowds were better. LA seemed a lot more laid back but you had the advantage of not having to queue as early. I really think it's just luck of the draw. One of my favorite gigs here was in Orlando on the T2L tour. The crowd, although not sold out, was super into it and the band put on a great performance and seemed to be having a great time. But I do agree that the setup for Drones just sucked the life out of the crowd. And that's not just a US-thing. I really hope that the production for the arena part of this next tour has a setup similar to T2L -- just a normal straight stage with a catwalk.
  15. I really love it. This is what I was hoping for.
  16. Yeah, I am as well. I'm finding myself searching for bits of news and comments and any info I can get. I've even already started stressing out a little thinking about the upcoming tour, etc
  17. Omg I love it. I almost wanted to cry tears of relief here at work with the headphones on. It's so good. I'm going to listen a few more times before watching the video though.
  18. Oh god, this. I was having flashbacks Agree with all of this. I thought it captured the experience of the tour well -- that is, a tight performance of (mostly the same, dull) songs, but with no emotion or audience connection. The scripted nature of the tour seemed almost amplified in the film, which surprised me. I was hoping they'd take the opportunity to make it more exciting/emotional. I think I saw one brief shot of Chris smiling at Dom. Other than that the band as a whole came across as just kind of cold and robotic to me. And I have to disagree about the effects -- those drones fetuses distracted the hell out of me to the point where I couldn't even focus on the song. I was just like WTF is this? I came on here to see if anyone had any comments about the snippet after the credits but haven't seen anything. I know you can't judge much on a 2 second clip but it sounded like shit. It's funny -- we had about 30 people in our theater and when that tiny clip played, then stopped, I think we all expected some guitars to kick in or something and the "real song" to start. Instead, that....was...it. Everybody burst out laughing like "THAT'S IT?" it was a pretty funny end to the evening tbh
  19. I was very pleased with this set - SS, the Handler, and TaB + the removal of Starlight, Madness, and DD. Map was a pleasant surprise and it was great hearing The Handler again. God I love that song. They were allotted 70 minutes originally. 9:40-10:50, but actually came out at 9:45 and played until 11. Curfew is 11.
  20. tbh, SS, CE, and one of dead star, micro cuts, agitated would be basically the best I could hope for. I still haven't seen Micro Cuts live and it would be beyond ironic to finally see it in my home state considering all the gigs I've traveled to
  21. Is it naive of me to hope that Muse realizes what type of festival this is and adjusts the setlist accordingly?
  22. I despise amphitheaters so much. They are the worst of everything. Too small to accommodate a complicated production, yet too big to be intimate. They are outside/uncovered, leading to weather issues and sweltering temps. They have either no pit or a small pit which limits barrier space. Oh and not to mention, because many are seasonal, the employees/security are often incompetent. I hate, hate HATE them.
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