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  1. Finally listened to the acoustic version. Made it halfway thru before the tears started rolling It's amazing. I'm speechless, I don't even know what to say. Absolutely beautiful. I was wondering this too
  2. Ok so after listening several times, I honestly can't rank them. I'll try my best below, only considering the album versions. The Void is amazingly emotional and I feel like I can't put it with the rest. Much like Exo. From best to worst with a definite gap in quality between Pressure and the last four: Algorithm TDS, Blockades, Propaganda, BITM Pressure SH TC DD GUAF
  3. And posters whose usernames begin with G don't know what they're talking about. See, it's easy to make generalizations!! Seriously though, WTF did that come from? I mean, just on this board, the Americans here seem to like it just fine. And since when is Muse considered a stadium band in America :LOL:
  4. I still can't get over the fact that pre-ordering the super deluxe box set doesn't even get you digital versions of the songs. I just had to rip my CDs in iTunes. Thank goodness I haven't gotten rid of this old-ass computer with a CD drive
  5. I don't know how it is in Rome, but a few of the stadiums have the lower tier of seats as General Admission. I usually get seats for at least one gig per tour and my opinion is lower is usually better. I aim for closest to the stage on the side. But some people like to be all the way across from the stage so that they get a straight-on view. I've never sat there for any gig, personally I think you would be too far away. Also, keep in mind you might not get much of a choice depending on the ticketing system. You may not be able to select particular sections, only a price range. About premium tix, seems like mixed opinions. Only you know your financial situation and what things are worth. If you are down at the barrier having a great time and into the gig, nobody will care whether you got there by VIP or not.
  6. Should these be watched in release order or what? There's too freaking many I'm going to avoid all these videos until I've listened to the songs like 20 more times. I hate having images from videos forever matched to certain lines, etc, and it only takes one viewing for me for that to happen unfortunately. That being said, if I only watch one of these, which should it be? People seem to like BITM.
  7. I'm in, I'd love to do something. I'm so happy with this record
  8. That's what I was wondering. My only guage is here and reddit (and twitter to an extent) and it seemed to be overwhelmingly positive. To the point where I've wondered if it will be harder to get tix on this tour Dig Down > GUAF > Revolt > Aftermath. I actually think DD is alright, and love the gospel version. I HATE Revolt and Aftermath is literally one of the worst songs I've ever heard and I have not listened to it since the week Drones came out. I just want to forget it exists. Also, I know this q will get buried, but were we supposed to get mp3s with the album preorder? Just wondering because I only got links to the singles and so now I guess I will need to rip the CDs in iTunes to get the rest.
  9. Ahhhh you guys are making me so excited to hear this song live. I've avoided watching a live version bc I want to experience it in person first!
  10. Sorry to jump in but there was another Raleigh person at SBE??? That's awesome. I had no idea there were other crazy fans here. Oof, rankings: BH&R OoS ST Abso TR Showbiz T2L Drones
  11. I got up this morning and had to convince myself, no it wasn't just a good dream. The leak did actually happen and the record really is as good as it was last night
  12. This is getting crazy but I keep changing my mind as to which of these new songs I love more. On first listen I was like WTF. I never expected Muse to have a song that sounded like this. It's so different to me, I have nothing in my music collection that sounds anything like this song but it's amazing. Anyone have the lyrics yet or wanna take a crack at them?
  13. Probably why I like it:LOL: Seriously, it was my favorite on the first listen, may not stay in that spot for long but it felt familiar but new and awesome at the same time.
  14. this isn't as bad as I feared. Not digging Tove Lo's parts either. Should have just dropped it. Definitely better than revolt. I hope they don't play this live, waste of a setlist spot.
  15. ok, just got done, i'm not ranking the alternate versions yet. one listen, on headphones, from best to worst: blockades algorithm tds propaganda or pressure bitm or the void tc sh dd guaf listening to the alternate versions now and god i love them all. i can't wait to listen again, i'm so so glad i didn't wait until friday. ugh i'm so happy :D
  16. This worries me. I was going to do that FL gig and now I'm wondering if it's too risky. I don't want a repeat of Dallas 2015:LOL:
  17. I haven't heard any of them but gives me hope. I hate Revolt and thought the same thing of it. I love reading everyone's descriptions but I'm nervous about that one and BITM. But I also think DD is decent, (although def the worst of the released tracks)
  18. Thank you but -- that is the indoor arena layout. I'm assuming the stadium setup will be different.
  19. holy shit I just saw those prices. well maybe we don't have to worry about a ton of VIPs taking barrier after all
  20. HOLY SHIT thanks for finding that pic. it did NOT look like that earlier, i checked literally every single US date looking for a stage diagram!!
  21. Has anybody found a seating map for any of the stadium shows? I want to know if it's a normal endstage or if it's similar to the last tour (hope so)...
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