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  1. Was in seats for this one and got some pretty good videos: Falling Down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH3SH4ExXvk SMBH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXwRAnGepfQ
  2. Thanks for sharing, everyone -- the gig was amazing!!! Finally got my photos up, here is a sample: The rest are here.
  3. Amazing show, couldn't have been happier for my first gig of the tour!! Got exactly where I wanted on barrier and met some awesome people! Click here for pics: http://electrichyena.zenfolio.com/p281139647
  4. What a gig!! I got a really good video of Explorers (love that song now...omg). I just got back home 2 days ago and haven't had time to go through all my photos yet but I'll post a link here soon!!
  5. Hi everyone, I have a question about the queue -- are there just two completely separate ones at each entrance that they let in at the same time, or do they try to merge them or anything? Are both entrances the same distance from the stage? Can't wait to meet y'all
  6. So for people who have been to gigs here before -- where is the GA queue located? Outdoors/covered/indoors???
  7. Huh, that's really weird. I wasn't on the boards for the last tour so I wouldn't know. Seems odd considering I've found just the opposite to be true when it comes to the people I've met at the gigs, lol -- lots of us oldies Oh and see you guys there! Looks like this will be my last one on the US tour unless they add more dates haha
  8. Looking for someone to split hotel with. PM me!
  9. Is anyone looking for someone to split hotel with? PM me. I'm coming out there for all the CA gigs. I've never been to LA, so any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Wasn't going to go to this gig, just NY/NJ, but I pulled up a pretty good seat, so I nabbed it, yay! I must say I really don't like these paperless tickets, it really limits your options.
  11. This. I've never heard of anybody even attempting that -- I would certainly hope they don't let anyone on the floor that doesn't have a GA ticket. Kinda defeats the purpose, don't you think? Anyway, looking forward to meeting some new folks at this gig -- Never been to STL. This gig and the Tulsa one are the only March gigs I'm doing. How's the weather there at that time of year??
  12. Yay I'll finally get to meet you I'll have to join you guys' party!
  13. Hey guys, *waves* I'll be at this one if I can get tix (no luck in the presale). Anybody else going to the CA gigs from the East coast??
  14. Yeah! A 3-gig trip out there sounds awesome. Is the weather nice in Jan? Can't wait to see you! So you'll still be trying on Friday for Oakland, then? Good luck to both of us!!
  15. Yeah I can't get over how easy this was. I got 6 out of the 7 I tried for today....missed out on San Diego. Fingers crossed for Friday!
  16. Where are you guys seeing anything about VIP packages? I'm not seeing that anywhere?
  17. Same here. Ordered it on the first day, they took the money and my account page still says "being processed." No shipping date, no anything. I emailed customer service 3 days ago, no response. I emailed again today. This is ridiculous. I'm to the point where I just want a fucking refund and I'll buy it from Amazon.
  18. hmm..how about apocalypse please? for some reason i think end of the world-related songs are appropriate for new years, lol

  19. that's a good idea. i need to add that to my list - if i'm home on new years i have a tradition of listening to "its the end of the world as we know it" by REM right at midnight...then "New Years Day" by U2. haha.


    do you have a record player or just collect vinyl for fun?

  20. I feel like a big loser because I'm sitting at home on New Years for the first time in ages!! How about you?

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