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  1. Welcome! I hate to say it but half your list is basically my fear. Map and Bliss they routinely play. CE not as routine, but not super rare anymore. SS they will probably play anyway. People voting for these songs will push real rarities out of the top 10. Just IMO ofc
  2. I'm not going to vote yet but this looks like my new list: Showbiz SfA Micro Cuts Fury Invincible MM Exo-politics Eternally Missed Futurism Map of Your Head
  3. Ok I just got my email from ticketmaster. It has a unique code that can only be used once. One code for each ticket. I haven't clicked on the link yet...
  4. So, if the voting "doesn't work," in other words, the top 10 isn't as loaded with rarities as we hoped, what are the chances the band recognizes this and plays a great setlist anyway? I've spent way too much time thinking about this and I just worry about the amount of people going to this gig that just aren't going to give a lot of thought to their vote. People somewhere between casual fan and hardcore fan. As an example, I like the Killers, I've seen them 4 times. If they played a gig like this within reasonable travel distance, I would definitely try to go, just because it's a small venue. I have all their albums but I don't know their B-sides. I don't know which songs are "super rare" that have a chance of being played. When I voted, I probably would just vote for what I wanted to hear. Of course, thinking through this now, and viewing it from a hardcore-fan perspective, I would just abstain from voting in that situation. How many people are going to do that, though? I mean, what percentage of people at this gig are hardcores? Is it bad to hope that the voting process is complicated and turns off people that don't care enough to put in the effort? Anyway, that was a lot of rambling just to say that I hope that if the results are shit, the band decides to just give us a zepp-like setlist anyway because they know that's what we want.
  5. This is my top 10 right now: 1. Showbiz 2. Sing for Absolution 3. Micro Cuts 4. Glorious 5. Invincible 6. Muscle Museum 7. City of Delusion 8. In Your World 9. MK Ultra 10.....(open). I was going to say Fury but I've heard it (once) and wanted to vote for all songs I haven't heard live. I actually am not a big fan of Easily, so maybe Eternally Missed here?
  6. Yeah this is exactly my fear. One song on this list I haven't heard. All great songs but all of these have a high prob of getting voted on and pushing more worthy songs off the list.
  7. Hope they do! In the interview Matt had on Radio X yesterday he said he expected all kinds of old/rare songs to be chosen and that they'd have to rehearse. (Of course take what he says with a grain of salt, but still...)
  8. Yeah that's how it seems...I just want to make sure the seats aren't reserved and I end up standing at the back. I'm short so I have to grab one of those seats, haha!
  9. I got through and got one standing/stalls ticket but I would much prefer a Level 1 seat. If I don't get one on Friday I will be looking to trade.
  10. This, of all the songs on the last album, I thought Mercy has the best chance of becoming a staple. I just got the impression Matt enjoyed it probably because of the above. I expect it to be another Starlight and get played every gig, tbh. I think Psycho will stay, and that's about it. I love DI but DI+Madness is too much and I don't see them dropping Madness. I feel like Reapers and the Handler will become super rare (especially here in the US). I just thank goodness I was able to hear Defector live on this tour because I don't think they'll ever play it again
  11. I've completely converted to the opinion that this would be awful. It's wildly unfair, and there's no good solution. There is no small tour they can do in the US and be fair. The Drones tour had 17 US dates and still excluded huge parts of the nation and I'm not talking wastelands here, I'm talking major cities. A 5-date tour here would be a nightmare -- just using the cities you chose as a personal example, none of those cities are within 500 miles of me. If this were to happen, it would make more sense for me to fly to the UK and see a handful of shows than to try to see 2 here. How screwed up is that?
  12. Entitled babies? I'm so glad I'm staying out of that (and avoiding it on FB as well.) I wouldn't be surprised if I know some of those people...it's disgusting and disappointing they feel that way (but not surprising at all.) Edited to add: any way to make the text "Member" under my name be "entitled baby" instead?
  13. This doesn't surprise me at all. I've noticed that most of the people with that view have all gotten rarities, been to special gigs, etc. It's like, once you've gotten it for yourself, screw everyone else.
  14. hyena17

    Reapers 7"

    Good for you! I live in the US and every RSD I hope and pray the UK bands I listen to actually give enough to US stores that there is a decent distribution through the country. Most of the time I'm out of luck.
  15. So I've been here 6 years but only have 143 posts, so I wouldn't get a vote? Thanks.
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