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  1. I really like the verses of this one....but I hate the chorus. Feels way too...forced? derivative? something, but not good. This one and Dig Down are really the only songs I can see myself skipping more often than not. However, this is still better than Dig Down.
  2. I was at the show and thought it was great! I had my hopes up for Showbiz, since that was played last month, but I should know better by now, being in the US. That being said, the set was pretty heavy and it was nice to see Map again. Love that song. This was my 3rd year at Carolina Rebellion and the set length was right in line with the other headliners i've seen over the years. Sets at Rebellion seem shorter than most other festivals in general. Most non-headlining bands that go on during the day only get a 20-25 minute set, so in that regard a 12-13 song set (with extended riffs) seems appropriate (albeit short). I was up near the barricade the entire day and the endless crowd surfing during Incubus (and to a lesser extent, during Muse) was exhausting. I couldn't help but feel bad for the other folks up at the barricade because they were either ducking or having people landing on the back of their neck for most of the set. Having been to the festival before, the crowd surfing was something I expected, but I think it came as a surprise to a lot of the people there to see Muse. I hung around up until The Handler, and then got out and went further back so that I could actually watch the show, instead of being turned around 80% of the time dealing with crowd surfers. The people at Rebellion crowd surf just to crowd surf (as evidenced by the 3 or 4 crowd surfers during The 2nd Law) and so it was somewhat frustrating knowing that these people who aren't fans of the band were hurting the experience of some of the die hards up front and preventing them from enjoying the show. During some points, it was hard to even jump around and get into it because your head literally had to be on a swivel. At any rate, I think the band won the crowd over, for the most part. Once I got further back and could watch the show, it seemed like the people around me were really digging it, which is all you can ask for really. It was a good show and I loved the heavier set, but to be honest, I'd rather make the drive to Delaware to see them at Firefly like I did last year. They played a longer set and you didn't have to deal with nearly as many crowd surfers and can just jump around with the other die hards who know all the words.
  3. I agree that Dead Inside seemed to get better as the tour continued, but my favorite version from the tour was actually from the first night in Mexico. Rather than singing "Don't leave me out in the cold" lower (as he did for the majority of the Drones NA tour), he sings that part in falsetto as well as the "Don't leave me out to die" part. He puts a a unique spin on that last part which I haven't heard from any other concert.
  4. I imagine if Trent Reznor produced the next Muse record (or song, or whatever they end up doing), it would sound more like With Teeth than The Downward Spiral or The Fragile or even Year Zero. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I just can't imagine Trent or Muse investing the time in the studio to get the sonic depths that Trent achieved with The Downward Spiral and The Fragile at this stage in their careers.
  5. I don't know that I have ever seen a Muse music video that I would consider "good". That being said, this video was worth watching for the drone kick alone.
  6. Wanted to go to the DC show since that is the closest that was announced to NC. Was too slow on the draw for the presale GA tickets to DC. Manage to get a GA ticket for Boston, so I'll be there! I figured I would do GA at one show, and seats in another, just in case the show really is spectacular. Of course, this is with me banking on them doing another US leg sometime in the future and hitting a southern state (hopefully NC). Anyway, I'm super excited now! I love Boston and have never been to TD, so it should be great!
  7. Just standard intro - verse - chorus - verse - chorus - bridge - chorus structure. In my opinion, the better Muse songs don't follow that structure (or atleast it's not blatantly obvious). E.g. Knights, Citizen Erased, etc. Although, admittedly most of their songs do follow the standard structure.
  8. The guitar solo and melody of the song are top notch, in my opinion. The song structure is not as interesting to me as some of Muse's other songs and the lyrics are not my favorite from Muse.
  9. I think this thread makes more sense from a non-analytical point of you. For example, Guiding Light is one of my favorite Muse songs, but I don't consider it to be close to one of Muse's best songs. See, give it a shot, you can do it too!
  10. An original tune that I sort of rearranged to play with a loop effect. I've done a couple of Muse covers, which are on my channel too.
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