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  1. I would say that it's pretty safe to say that the final song "Drones" is going to be this video that they posted in Instagram seeing as it sounds like they shout "DRONES" at the end.
  2. Just got my tattoo finished. It has taken 10 hours and I am so pleased with it. Still got about 1 hour left in the new year once it's healed to see if anything needs a bit more colour and to refine some of the smaller details. I'm hoping to turn it into a sleeve at some point in the future but not sure what design just yet. I decided that I wanted something unique and not just the Showbiz girl so I had her playing a bass (because I play bass).
  3. No, It's not fair, I agree. But unfortunately that's what happens when Muse say "and selected partner promotions" and don't tell you which promoters. I agree that things like this should ONLY be available to Muse members. I only found out about The Sun promotion after I'd got the tickets through the mailing list code so I do understand everyone's anger.
  4. Got mine at bang on 9:00am using the code from the email. If you didn't get the email you might not be signed up to their mailing list, that's all I can think of. It seemed quite organized to me, they had a code in the email, one on the WWZ website, one on the Muse Twitter and one on The Sun. They pretty much told everyone like 4 days beforehand from which places you could get tickets from (except The Sun), you can't blame them if others were faster than you were. Just my opinion.
  5. Seems like I'm another one whos's on my lonesome. Turnstile P for me. North Bank WutDaFucksy (Turnstile G) rawrsomesauce tomwells94 (Turnstile G) Domonoc (Turnstile E) Clock End Moonlight__ (Turnstile M) ryanp16 (Turnstile M) shiroo (Turnstile M) greatkingrat (Turnstile M) Zolic (Turnstile M) TrebleRose689 (Turnstile K) AguanteRiver (Turnstile K) Bellapod (Turnstile L) Davy (Turnstile L) FaceOfCydonia (Turnstile R) Chaziboy (Turnstile P) East mrskopite brufanf (Turnstile H) HAARP61 (Turnstile H) Saski86 (Turnstile H) Pip (Turnstile H) Dee3Dee (Turnstile H) hipbones (Turnstile H) dan. (Turnstile H) DukeNatty (Turnstile H) _silverrose_ (Turnstile H) Frakkles (Turnstile H) Lord MFC (Turnstile H)
  6. I'm guessing that the people who got theirs ordered from Ticketmaster (including me). They seem to be better at getting tickets to people. If you've ordered from See then the 25th is only just being processed and dispatched, the 26th isn't because they haven't got the tickets yet, so I wouldn't worry.
  7. I'm getting a tattoo done on Tuesday of the Absolution shadows but would really like to get a Dead Star one sometime in the future with "fading like a dead star" on it but mixed in with some sort of artwork to go with it. Any ideas?
  8. Is there any info on when the music video is coming out? I know about the lyric video because the description on youtube used to say Official music video coming shortly but its now gone.
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