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  1. ^^ doesn't seem to be this one from october neither... This one has silver knobs, Fernandes Sustainer and the new manson logo on the headstock. Wasn't used live until this day.
  2. That should be the original Matt Black from 2012. Has also no truss rod adjuster. Always believed he only had one with the custom hardware from 2012 onwards, the other countless ones having normal knobs (the ones titeled 'Matt Black (batch)' on the wiki). But it seems there are more original Matt Blacks. ^^ Somewhen during festival tour in 2015. Used this one on a lot of gig in 2015 and also 2016 ^^ Photo from 2013 or 2014. Note the damage between the pickups. Also seen in the lyric video of psycho. Could be the same as in the recent photo from MGW on facebook, showing the two bodies in the workshop, because of the similar location of the damage.
  3. Hätte hätte... Oooops, hab mich ja beworben, aber wie groß die Chancen sind Karten zu bekommen war mir davor eigentlich schon klar... Aber man kanns ja im April nochmal versuchen
  4. Nope. Always tuned down to C for Maggie's and Who knows who. See Wembley 07, Glasto 10 or whatever video. Or Township https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiDkS1_Bh0s#t=4m20s ^^4:20
  5. Ich bräuchte unbedingt ein Stehticket für Hamburg, hab schon eins für Berlin, allerdings hat mir Rock am Ring dann doch einen Strich durch die Rechnung gemacht... Also tausche Berlin für Hamburg Stehplatz
  6. To this date Matt has given up the two rigs (Since he was back from the US Psycho tour) Seems like he put all guitars into one rig. I'm editing at Musewiki and i'm keeping track with all those guitars, did cost me a lot of time but i'm pretty sure that it is accurate at the moment.. Feel free to ask if somethings seems unclear...
  7. Also vor Ort wars ziemlich mies, so schlecht abgemischt hab ich es noch nie gehört bei Muse. Stand zentral ca. 10te Reihe. Schlagzeug zu laut, Bass ok, Gitarre und Vocals viel zu leise. Gitarre zum Ende hin etwas lauter... Hört sich auf Youtube deutlich besser an.
  8. 6th page has a dead link... Anyway thanks for sharing...
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