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    I'm Sofia and yeah
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    Denver, Colorado (USA)
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    I don't need a fucking job what
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    ok so well i like hardcore/metalcore but I'm also an undercover indie rocker shh don't tell
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    2nd October, 2010.
    6th August, 2011.
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  1. What are you back from?

  2. weee ok sippe i'm back and i read that you're back too so

    isn't that just fucking magical

  3. uhm how do you get an ask box

  4. Well now its a hyperactive smurf... lol

    *turns up hyper music*

    i just got up XD

  5. we are all good (everyone)

  6. yupps. hello. (like my avatar llol)

  7. What would I do without you? <3

  8. Well, then you should be glad I told you.

  9. What? I did?


    Oh, I didn't notice.

  10. where are you from Sofia? ;)

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