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  3. Δ

    Photography 3

    Bit late for the competition though... but here's some 35mm film with a bit of reflections... zenit TTL colour film by Aidan H., on Flickr
  4. [soundcloud] [/soundcloud] posted this one a while ago, but here is a mixed and mastered version still some of that mic buzz lingering over the mix at the beginning, but they did a better job of hiding it without destroying clarity of the track than i could!
  5. You fooled me with the drum track! I thought it had such a great sound, here I was wanting to know what you used to get such a good sound I still wouldn't call it cheating, you a really impressive demo out of it! Really good sound for something that was done in what I'm assuming was a short amount of time
  6. I PM'd you mine but didn't post it in the thread. What's going on here?! edit: oh man, not seeing it in my sentbox. It was posted to flickr a few weeks ago if thats proof that it was taken and posted before the closing date. if you can add me in!
  7. It was actually the first time I've ever recorded vocals. It recorded straight into my Zoom R8 interface, and I assume it was almost all mic buzz because I've been having issues with that input for ages so put the gain up way too high so I could get the volume we needed (bad move ) That song you just posted is great! You're right about the bass part having a huge range, and due to that it can lack a little bit in times. But honestly its nothing big to worry about, I would never have picked a problem with it unless you pointed it out, and it being all I'm thinking about while listening. I caught a session on production at Bigsound (a music conference in Brisbane) this year and the general message about a mix was to find something that you don't immediately hear something that desperately needs to be fixed while listening, then its time to let it go. Definitely a good point to keep in mind when you're not sure if you're happy with what you've ended up with
  8. thanks for the feedback! Even though the vocal performance is great, I wasn't 100% happy with the recording quality of it, but it's all I could use. After EQing to remove the pretty terrible hum it was sounding pretty muffled, so I really did all I could with it. I still cringe a little bit in parts but i've come to the conclusion I'll never be perfectly happy with a mix
  9. http://www.triplejunearthed.com/Tremors Download/stream in the bar on the right. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  10. thanks for the offers/suggestions, but I've managed to get a decent sound using a Gate and an EQ
  11. any advice to get rid of buzz/hum from a vocal track? "record it again, but better" doesn't help, because I'm unable to do that at the moment
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