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    I'm a 27 year old guy who loves rock, R&B, and Pop music; enjoys writing songs, poetry, and stories; loves playing the guitar, keyboards, singing, and recording 'demo tapes' of my music; likes gigging at coffeehouses; enjoys Basketball and Badminton; loves reading various books of all different types of genres; loves movies (especially comedies, dramas, sci fi, and horror movies); and in general loves life.
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    October 11th, 2010 at US Bank Arena, Cincinnati OH, USA
  1. Follow Me Animals Explorers Big Freeze Should not be there. Those are the weak points of the album. Muse should have considered putting different new songs on there, and written new, stronger songs. Everything else is fantastic. But that is a pretty good chunk of the album.
  2. I think this album is a great detractor from their usual sound. It's more poppy, and less rock oriented. And I thought The Resistance was poppy! This is a love or hate it album, and it really depends on what you want from Muse as to whether or not you will like it. If you are looking for hard rock anthems, or steps in a prog rock direction, you will hate this album. I personally like all 6 of their albums (7 if you include Hullabaloo), and I definitely like this one a lot. Is it my favorite? No. But it's one of their best.
  3. Whether it's a new DVD, or a new album, fine with me. I just hope that, if it's a new DVD, they release a live album with it. They tend to do that already (only exception is the Absolution DVD), but I just hope they stick with that.
  4. I say they should pull a Trent Reznor, release a bunch of unedited footage, and let the fans work on a DVD.
  5. Yeah, I suppose your only option is to buy them on Amazon or ebay. I don't know of a site that offers flac files.
  6. I'd love a packaging like Genesis did for their 2007 tour. But so far, I'm not getting my hopes up. If things don't work out, and they don't release a live DVD/CD this tour, that's a bummer, but I'll live. It's a shame, though, because this was the first tour I saw them on, and would love something official to represent it!
  7. Frankly, this isn't new. When King Crimson reformed in 1983, ALL of their songs were new songs, and they didn't play 21st Schizoid Man or Epitaph. Now, the Crim are still playing songs from the 80's, but most of their recent live repudiator have been recent songs (within the last 15 years.) When a band's new stuff becomes more popular than the old stuff, they're bound to play more new stuff. And even when it doesn't. When I saw Iron Maiden live, 85% of the show was stuff from 2000-2007; they didn't dig back into their classics, even though their classics are what are most popular. Sometimes a band *likes* to just do the new stuff. It must be boring, having to play the same songs over and over again. Sometimes they like to shake it up with new stuff.
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