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    Uno Chorus

    I can't seem to figure out how to strumming pattern of Uno's chorus goes. Could someone help me somehow?
  2. 1.Knights of Cyndonia 2.Supermassive Black Hole 3.Citizen Erased 4.Hysteria 5.New Born
  3. I didn't buy the tickets, I got them for my birthday
  4. I am 13 and i am going with my cousin who is a muse fan as well i am going overseas for my grandads birthday
  5. For my birthday my aunty gave me tickets to a Muse Concert on 9 December, but now my mum tells me I can't go because we need to go overseas on the 7 December!! And its a place I don't even want to go! I have been so angry:mad: for the past few days what can I say to her to convince her to let me go somehow
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