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  1. Hello all, I would like to send a handwritten letter to muse members. Does anyone know if they have a mailing address? thanks
  2. You have made a lot of symphonic songs and all of them are masterpieces . Did you ever think of doing a gig with a big orchestra focusing on those songs? It would be so nice
  3. You still seem down to earth (and you remember where you came from) despite the big success you have. How has it (success) changed you versus your fans( us) ? Are you planning stay close to us and still be accessible . Love your music xx
  4. Again, still trying to buy ticket for quebec and the website says the code is invalid. I just copy-paste it from the member page! I do hope next time muse will deal with another tickets selling company. I'm very mad….
  5. The pre-sale did not work well for me. I was sitting at the computer at 10:00 and wrote my code (double and triple checked) the web site did not take the code. it was invalid… I was so mad… keep trying for 1h and suddenly 2 seats were available. good seats but I'm very upset about the sale. I'm waiting for explanation from tickets today.com. I use an iMac … maybe it's better with a pc
  6. I had the same problem yesterday. My code did not work. how frustrating!
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