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    I make handmade candles named after muse songs in hopes of saving up for Wembely. I also love being a hairstylist.
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    matt bellamy, listening to music, taking pictures, singing, acting.
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    Making "muse" themed candles, hairstylist
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    Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters.
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    The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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    the simpsons, south park, family guy, robot chicken, aqua teen hunger force
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    Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang
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    Showbiz, Absolution, HAARP, The Resistance, Hullabaloo, Origin Of Symmetry, Black Holes and Revelations, and countless shirts....
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    on the 26th at Staples Center, First concert ever...absolutely wonderful
  1. When you have over 3,000 pictures of them in their own folder on your computer...and when you see a pregnant woman and think "Wolstenbabies":musesign:
  2. Thanks! I haven't been there in over a year I think... I forgot all about it.

  3. I bought absolution first, showbiz was next, then origin of symmetry. absolution because i heard it was good and i thought it looked fun....now im addicted
  4. "staying awake to chase a dream, tasting the air youre breathing in..i hope i wont forget a thing." and "all of the love we left behind, watching the flashbacks intertwine.... memories i will never find, memories i will never find."
  5. i love matt and dom, but i love matt best he's like my inspiration and my world. i love you matt!!!!!!!!!
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