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  1. Casino and the Laser Manson would probably be the most fun animation.
  2. I put a pair of sec 10 row GGG tickets up on Musebay for $200 (under face value). Tickets can be transferred instantly via ticketmaster. Friend isn't going so I took his lower level tickets.
  3. I honestly believe the Mayan show will be the states' only shot at a rarities show for foreseeable future. Weenie Roast will be Starlight x16
  4. I drove by Friday since it was on my way up North. There were a ton of people outside so I just skipped it since I was in a time crunch and cried all the way up North. lol
  5. I would almost guarantee it. Too bad KROQ holds all the pit and loge seats for their BS contests... At least it'll likely be webcast.
  6. Agreed, although .mu is a very low budget system, I was able to get what I wanted every time. Edit: Weenie Roast 5/16... Looks like no second club show :'(
  7. At the KROQ giveaway did they give the winners hard tickets or just put their name on the list? Did they win one or two tickets?
  8. Weenie Roasts are a bust. KROQ hordes the entire lower bowl and GA tickets for those. I've been spoiled with good seats or GA arena shows in the past so 300 yards away just doesn't do it for me. That's why I was jacked up for a club show.
  9. That's why I still have hope we'll see something on Thurs/Sat/Sun that week in LA minus the corporate VIP BS.
  10. Yes, this sounds like a commercial event and they're allowing some fans in to spruce up the energy. Linkin Park did this for the XGames at Club Nokia, but released all the pit tickets for free to their Fan Club. I don't care about the pricing, but the fact they made a point to reward FC was awesome. I wish Muse had a greater .mu or Fan Club ticket appreciation.
  11. Sad that nobody was able to get in. I got in quick on the app, but it freezes every time and can't make a selection
  12. I'm just going to surrender now to lessen the disappointment and try to find a somebody who has an unused ticket. I'll bring snacks and money! lol
  13. Yup figures KROQ blew up the allocation. Oh well, we'll see if I end up on suicide watch after 10am tomorrow or not.
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