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    The UK
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    Music, guitar playing, drawing, singing, musing, gigs, arty stuff, y'know?
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    Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, System of a Down, Linkin Park etc.
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    Toy Story 3 ;D
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    Autobiographies; Muse ones!
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    All of them. No joke.
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    LCCC 2010, Leeds 2011.
  1. Probs yeah. Sorry i'm talking shxxxxt. ;D Which is what I do when I get mad.
  2. ^^^ And that was Maddie getting pxxxssed off.
  3. I never asked for someone to write the whole thing; what I meant was like, some ideas and pointers of what I COULD write, thanks. And why the hell would I want to write about anything else? Everyone else in my year is writing about all this Katy Perry crap and all this. Not me. Thanks to the people who actually got the point of this and suggested stuff. Thanks :-)
  4. muse + nirvana make the top spot for me deffo. i just fecking love them. btw, i just had a muse fail moment. glorious just finished, and then i was listening to a random song. then in find out it's radiohead's no surprises. thanks we7, thanks.
  5. in school; we've been asked to do an essay about something, something we like. i've called mine muse- the band that changed my life. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? i haven't the faintest idea what to write. everyone knows i absolutely love muse, but they just don't understand why i like them so much, and that's what i'm writing about. it's a 1500 word essay so there's no problems if there's a lot. any help?? :-)
  6. True. When my dad first listened to Map Of The Problematique he said, oh yeah, that's what they wanna sound like, all the 80's stuff, Ultravox and that. Nope. They wanna sound like Muse.
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