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  1. Does anyone know where I can BUY muse tracks in a lossless format? Ive got the 5 studio albums, haarp, hulaballoo, and house of the rising sun all on cd. But for b-sides etc, the cds are few and far between now. Anyone know where I could buy loss less b-side online? I'm hating the quality of those mp3's I got off amazon :@
  2. I have all required software etc its just I dont want to stretch the image, so I want it to be 1425 x 1425 or over, Ive searched the internet numerous times for the starlight one but I dont think there is anything avaliable in such a resolution. I will shortly post a link containing all the files that I have collected and altered.
  3. Well Ive found art for all the singles I own in a 1425 x 1425 resolution but now only lack that of the starlight cd. Please post the link if anyone finds the cover with a resolution of this or higher
  4. Finding random bits of artwork is easy , but Im looking for ones that are all the same size;)....so far I have found quite a few with dimensions 1425 x 1425 but am struggling on black holes and revelations, knights of cydonia and starlight
  5. Im looking for high quality album artwork (preferably of all releases, and all with the same dimensions) I haven't found any such items on muse.mu, but does anybody else know where to find them EDIT: Here Are What I have Gathered So Far. All Images Are 1425 x 1425 jpgs. Please reply to this thread its you find the starlight cd cover or a cover black with MUSE written in the centre at a resolution of 1425x1425. >>>>>>>>>>http://mushroomsources.webs.com/index.htm<<<<<<<<<< A List Of Everything I Have Found so Far
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