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    I'm happy most of the time, but if you insult me, I'll brood for days, or perhaps even weeks if I like you, and then I won't like you anymore... :( ON A BRIGHTER NOTE I live in the middle of nowhere, but may just be able to break out of my confines and then I'll RULE THE WORLD...! *is Plankton*
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    Dom's leopard print thong
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    I draw, paint, play the guitar, sing and plan to take over the world some day :)
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    Muse, MCR, Green Day, Linkin Park... ahh I don't know
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    Up. Ahahaha xD
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    I do not watch ze tele box
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    A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter and Narnia ftw!
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    Roskilde Festival 2010... I even went there sober :D
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  1. That I do. http://mattbellamyaseverymusician.tumblr.com/
  2. That tumblr is hilarious. Matt as every musician, yeah?
  3. I opened this thread while in a lesson. Big, big mistake, I'm trying so hard not to laugh. The Smashing Pumpkins one is bloody hilarious. I think I'll be doing this to my posters.

    Lmao I saw your Faroe Islands fantasy venue proposal and I recognized your initials, so I knew it had to be you. :D

    This is Matt btw.

  5. Uhm. Musewiki says he's left handed (this is important, because I'm left handed, too ) but it says nothing about his height
  6. Hm... any other girls at 170cm who have a boyfriend who's only just so much taller than you that if you wear heels you're taller than him? 'tis annoying when we go out. I feel like a freak, because he's my boyfriend and thus, supposed to be taller than me, even when I wear heels.
  7. I LOVE YOU! Oh that depends on whether one of them is feeling horny or not... --- I'm just really glad that I'm not the only one shorter than him. I know, I'm a girl, I'm supposed to be shorter than men. But not Matt... never should anyone be shorter than him. I agree, I'm looking for the 'Like' button to 'I'll wear high heels to feel superior'
  8. Yeah... not sure if this has already been done, but what the heck. I was once told that Matt was 5'5" and I could happily say that he wasn't any taller than me, he was in fact shorter. But I also read on musewiki that he's 5'7" And now I am sad, for it appears that he's 3 bloody centimetres taller than me and now I feel dwarfish. *note to self: if you're ever lucky enough to meet the guys, do not, I repeat do not stand next to Chris* So anyone else who's shorter than Matt?
  9. Yeahh, I just watched it. Oh my God, that face is priceless When asked about the name of the Resistance, Matt has a small ramble about the corporate world and unhappiness with it and at one point ends up in the 60's and 70's and says the following: They allowed the Beatles to happen. The corporations which are owning the radio stations and TV stations *starts shaking his head like an FBI agent* they will not allow this to happen. *Laughs nervously and then points* now. He does the funniest expressions
  10. *giggle* Dom's such a sweetheart :3 one of my faves though is actually when they're being interviewed by MTV, they're at Rock am Ring. Matt: We'll have - hopefully! I hear'ed a rumour - a UFO *dramatic pause* is gonna come and land. It's gonna come into the arena and an alien is gonna come out and hover by *starts to mutter something but interrupts himself* it's not a joke. It sounds like a joke, but it's not. Dom: We heard it straight from NASA. Matt: *muttering something about the alien* There he goes with his aliens again... ahaha <3
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