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  1. does not look good.. seems theyve gone into liquidation. My friend says she should be able to claim back as she purchased using visa.. but then theres the cost of train fares.. luckily she was staing at her sisters.. so no xtra hotel costs.. but still totally screwed her & my little adventure and visit to family... link: http://www.safeconcerts.com/forum/threads.asp?forum_urn=124&t_urn=10426&pgt=9#reply99444 thanks for your replies again:)
  2. thanks. ill take a look and let her know. funds might be a problem at the mo though. Muse & Biffy may have to be another time.. also looking forward to a little adenture with my mate...
  3. i remember googling them when she told me she booked with them.. il just give it another go.cheers:rolleyes:
  4. Thanks for your reply. Thats what im worried about. Personaly use seetickets or tmaster, neve hd aproblem with them.
  5. pixelpidgeon

    Total Tickets

    Hi. I know this is my first post and a new thread. But things could be getting desperate here. A firend ordered tickets through total tickets for Sat 11th. They have not yet appeared. She says she cant get to speak to anyone on their no. 08007566663. Just wondering if anyone had recieved thei tickets from these people or not? Thanks for any help with this.
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