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  1. I only listen to it for the bass at the end and that solo, the rest of it is pretty boring and cheesy, but the end makes up for it
  2. "Chris could probably kick the shit out of both of you, right" :LOL: I like Matt's beard
  3. This isn't Muse related, but I was ending myself laughing You: You touch your mum Stranger: all the time You: xD Respect mate, not for touching your mum, for admitting it Stranger: yeaaaaa You: She is good though You: and well fit Stranger: she really is You: I know Stranger: so do i Your conversational partner has disconnected.
  4. Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too, even though it's too late :p

  5. Idea! We get Chris the pedal Matt needs for MM Chris will be happy, he seems to like that one. And then we could get Matt a copy of Showbiz, I think he might have lost his?
  6. I thought "I'm hungry for some unrest" was "I'm hungry for some undressed"
  7. My favourite is a 4 way tie. Back in Black Dracula Mountain Feeling Good House of the Rising Sun I'll go with Feeling Good though
  8. If I told myself that too many times I'd start an arguement with myself and end up punching myself in the face
  9. I listen to Muse (Or [reckless]) while doing homework. It helps me concentrate
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