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  1. Je l'adore aussi... au début je n'étais pas certaine du style de Propaganda et Break it to me, mais à force de les écouter j'ai fini par les aimer. J'ai l'impression qu'ils ont beaucoup de plaisir à explorer des nouveaux sons. J'adore cet album. J'ai beaucoup de difficultés à critiquer en tant que fan dévouée!
  2. Can't wait to see them. I bought 2 gold passes to be sure to be in front row. MADNESS, surely. Thank you Muse to be here again. My 5st show !!
  3. Sorry to hear it If you have done copy paste you mabe have copy a space before or after the code? I bought tickets in Muse presale for both venues and nothing wrong happened
  4. Wow ! I got my tickets for the second venue on January 18th, section 101 ! Thank you for the success of this presale, everything is perfect, nothing's wrong to say ! My birthday is on January 19th, two show in a week, I can't ask much..
  5. Good Question.. I was in the row D, so at 4 row from the bottom, but I don't remember if there is AA-BB Row after Z.. Sorry. but don't worry, all seats have a good view,
  6. You'll be impressed by the quality of the new Videotron Center. You are welcome in our beautiful city people from Montreal-Toronto ..... I saw Metallica recently here, and believe me, you will not be disappointed !! We want another complete show for Quebec City !! Don't forget the presale at 10:00 today, and pick up the new code.
  7. There is no more information about an additioanal date for Quebec for January 18th. No presale.. I think they change idea.
  8. Thank you HBKHBK for this precious information, I didn't receive any information yet about it. To follow !!
  9. It will be nice to start another Glow in the dark bracelet like we did in 2010, it was pretty EPIC !
  10. I've got my tickets at the presale fan club, but the places are not where I want. So I decide to try with the regular sale on friday, but I was not able to do it at my job, so my boyfriend bought them for me and SURPRISE 2 tickets in the VIP zone for my birthday on januray 19th... I am pretty excited !!! I think they will come back at the end like they do in 2010, its strange that they added a show in Montreal instead of Québec, To follow !
  11. Hello guys, Something confusing here When I click on TICKET for this venue it says :Presale tickets for this event go on sale Wednesday, October 28 at 10:00 AM local time. http://muse.shop.ticketstoday.com/basket.aspx?Action=AddTickets&eventId=168543 Be ready on October 21, 23, and 28.
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