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  1. So is this going to be an apply and pray thing? Or a mad first come first served thing once we get some Muse e-mail?
  2. I have just been faffing around wondering when to go all day so I suppose I should get moving soon. Thing is now I feel like I might as well wait a bit as I've kissed right near the front good bye!
  3. Excited to be going to the first of the tour. As I definitely would not be able to resist looking at set lists and what not if I was going to one further on. People don't seem to like it round here but if they played Invincible it would make my summer. I am not holding out any hope though. And if they play Blackout that would almost be as good.
  4. I live pretty close to this but am going alone as far as I know right now. I was planning on going as early as possible but not sure now. What time are you early risers planning on arriving?
  5. I'm also getting a bit paranoid about travelling back by myself on the metro after the gig on the 21st!
  6. I've had a ticket for this since they went on sale but left arrangements until a bit late as some of the family said they'd tag along to see Paris and I'd just go off to the concert myself but we've not booked anything together yet so I am thinking I'm going to need to sort myself out now. I've seen a hotel that looks ok just outside the train station but have a couple of questions. How easy is it to get around Paris on the metro? And can you buy like a ticket that lasts all day and takes you anywhere you want to go etc? And what do you think is the latest time to arrive for a good standing spot? (not really close but just about decent) I'll be easy to spot, I will be the English guy standing alone outside the train station looking dazed and confused and still slightly sad I didn't get the Biffy night.
  7. My ticket arrived the other day too. Being local I thought I'd have an easier time getting right at the front but by the sounds of it I still might have to get up super early!
  8. Bought my standing ticket yesterday! Excited. But hoping not to get lost in Paris afterwards!
  9. I have this mad idea that I should go to this one and then dash back to England for The Killers at Wembley the next day. Never been away from England to see Muse though so I'm a bit doubtful about how I could make it all work to be honest! Any tips welcome!
  10. I should be sensible and opt for this one since apparently the Ricoh is only 12.7 miles from my house. It would eliminate travel and parking costs. And I could even turn up really early and go all out for the barrier without even having a mad getting up stupidly early to travel day. Plus the first gig of the tour? Is that a tick in the pro column? Yes I'm just trying to convince myself.
  11. I really should opt for this one since I live so close by I guess. But the Ricoh doesn't excite me as much as some other venues and cities.
  12. HELLO THERE! by any chance do you have a standing ticket for Manchester?



  13. Just getting ready to head down in the car from the Midlands. Hoping to turn up some time around 10am or not much later. I'm one of those people stuck in the dark ages with no mobile internet so once I'm out the house that is it! Just me and awkward alone queueing, all worth it when Muse turn up though! By the sounds of it I might have to park up. Then go buy some food and then go sit in the queue. Oh and must not forget the toilet! I'm way too awkward to go out of the queue if I'm on my own and expect to get back in it! The things you do for Muse!
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