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  1. I bought them myself and theyre amazing! Here's the link to the sunglasses: http://www.randomfunstuff.com/servlet/the-1200/1980's,80's,Parties,-Costume,-Sunglasses,-Punk,/Detail and heres two pictures of the sunglasses bellamy wears: I ordered the glasses and got them yesterday! Theyre amazing! some of the quality is mehh-ish, but overall, the glasses are amazing, and for anyone who wants sunglasses worn by matthew bellamy, these are the glasses to get!
  2. Thanks for the dimensions! And the bag looks amazing!
  3. I was interested in buying the Muse rucksack for the new school year.. I mailed Muse.mu shop support, and they replied that the dimensions for the rucksack were unknown to them. Is there anyone here who has purchased that item and knows how large it is? (I dont want to order it and have it end up being too small) Some information that may help: I am 5'7 I weigh less that 130 pounds (Im a bit underweight) XD Thanks
  4. http://www.mansons.co.uk/shopping/search/manson-custom-electric-guitars/manson-signature-guitars/mb1-standard/ THE MB1 STANDARD! The black MIDI control screen Bellamy guitar. Either that or Steve Vai's Ibanez. http://www.mansons.co.uk/shopping/search/ibanez-electric-guitars/ibanez/jem-7v-wh-electric-guitar/
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