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  1. Yeah well if HAARP was re-released on blu ray I'd buy that instead of this piece of crap
  2. Hi, just clarifying that the app itself + all videos in HD come out to 7 GB in total. The reason someone could be getting 10 GB is probably because they didn't delete the low definition videos before installing the HD ones.
  3. Hello, I would absolutely love to see these DVDs too.
  4. Hi, has anybody managed to remove the crackling sounds for the songs not broadcasted? It's much noticeable listening on my mp3 instead of on the computer, and it sort of just hurts my ears a little. Not to be impolite or anything. The DVD itself was truly amazing as a whole, really enjoyed Hyper Music, Micro Cuts, and definitely Darkshines. Loved it a lot.
  5. hey hey. hows it going?

  6. Nothing bad, the DVD has already been sent a long time ago (I'm sure you already know that), so just have some patience and wait like everyone else. c:
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