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  1. Yeah about that; no decent videos on the world wide web .
  2. Hello Musers! Let me present you the Stade de France DVD! It is over 2 hours long and a lot of work has been put into it. I hope you enjoy! http://adf.ly/UkN11 --> Google Drive EDIT: YouTube has removed the video! You can still watch it normal trough the download link on Google Drive! Download link directly from Google Drive in HD format http://adf.ly/UkN11
  3. Evo, za tiste, ki ste bili na Dunaju novembra lani: http://youtu.be/QI-b9YIrtlI En doma narejen DVD
  4. Just 5 more days to the gig! I am soooo excited!
  5. Hello! So, Muse have just released a new single called Madness. Great song! There isn't any guitar in the song, except for the little solo part.
  6. New website design is great.
  7. Me and my friends are going. There will be 5 of us!
  8. Ja! Komaj čakam da je konec počitnic haha. Plus tega še nov album .
  9. My Vimeo is GuitarDomen, it's a very old account, there are some of my old guitar covers. You can check it out if you want . http://vimeo.com/guitardomen
  10. Hello Musers! So, this is me covering a very "rare" muse song. It is the first and only bass cover on YouTube which surprises me, becouse the song is very easy to play. Here is the link:
  11. Jaz z mojimi prijatelji ! Komaj čakamo.
  12. Hello Musers! So I tried to play the music from the trailer on my guitar. I wanted to do it without any effects of pedals. I wan't to know what other people think . Link: Comments/critisism is welcome
  13. Me and my friend recorded ourselves, while playing SBH. Here is the video: Hope you like it! Comment are welcome!
  14. So, yeah, here it is: Hope you like it! Comments are welcome!
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