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  1. I couldn't get into the tickets despite F5ing the page for the tickets, then just found out that played an awesome Metal Medley . I hope the 2019 Tour will be somewhat like last night's setlist than the usual (personally wouldn't mind if KoC, PiB, Starlight etc came a bit rarer as we've got new poppy songs).
  2. I'd hope they do one in Liverpool because they haven't done anything around the Merseyside like since 2009 (not here in the UK and even then missed chance to get tickets as this flew over me).
  3. I personally want TaB (my favourite Muse song) at least and Apocalypse Now but I don't think there has been those two on a setlist IIRC. Probably either one on either night.
  4. Seems more of a mistranslation of stadium, doesn't make sense of waiting 8 months after the album has released in early June. Like haven't since Absolution they went touring shortly after the album? But I can see them doing a touring Europe + maybe squeeze in North America in this year and then doing the Stadium tour afterwards in 2016.
  5. Just a curiosity but what time of the day does this happen? I so want to get in just for the rarities (don't want to miss Agitated, Fury, Uno or anything else) and I highly doubt we'll see anything of those in their Drones tour ('cause at most they'll probably just play usual Singles + Drones though they played Falling Down last time so IDK and Agitated seems to be played often now for the last two years). I just want two tickets.
  6. Damn it, after last night's set-list I so wanted to go but couldn't get in (tried first thing came live, sold out in the minute). I am mad.
  7. I think Dead Inside may be their Deep Ecology one (probably the more quiet song out of the lot) or that may be Aftermath. EDIT: I think overall the album may be similar to Absolution, not sure why though (maybe its just the cover art).
  8. Heh mozz could you give me a link if you know where that quote was from it was real :D cause i just want to see if for the lolz if there were any comments.

  9. You said you would rather see NSC and GL over RBS, Ban.

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