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  1. It is funny that you all think that Matt really cares about the effort you're making. But maybe he will marry one of you because he is so touched. lol. If they are like most people who can only take so many teen-aged girls' screaming and paparazzi following them everywhere they go because the obsessed fans can't get enough of their "fix", I bet they wish you would rather not, though they would never say it because they want you to buy their music and attend their concerts. So, good luck with that.
  2. Haha, and funny I admit. But, really, the argument that the band members are "silly" doesn't do anything to contradict being serious about one's work and message. And, actually, anti-caplitalists, in my experience, know how to have fun better than the stuffy old farts that are running the system now, so I'd say that their antics actually support the idea that they care about what they are saying. All joking aside, I do have to respectfully disagree with your assessment that they aren't hypocrites, for the very definition of the word is to say one thing and do another.
  3. Don't get me wrong: I really love this band and the music, and I think that it is useful as inspiration to promote revolution and get people thinking no matter what the answer to this question is. Also, I don't know anything about Muse's business associations outside the U.S., where I live. However, I noticed that the band is signed under Warner Music Group, which suggests that Muse might not be entirely, or maybe not at all, practicing what they preach. Warner Brothers is a HUGE capitalistic venture that has its fingers in the jam jar of the "package {that} keep us wrapped in greed" and a huge hand in unequal distribution of wealth, creating millionaires and billionaires who haven't necessarily worked any harder than the average person trapped in poverty in this country, but who become so because they have socioeconomic advantages or are just good talkers and networkers. On youtube, which is supposed to be a place for free exchange of information, Warner Music Group has banned Muse videos, e.g. "Shine Through" on copyright claims, meaning they want people to pay to listen. Is Muse being hypocritical, or merely working within the limitations of the current system? If the answer is the latter, is the band doing anything to offset the damage it is doing by making WMG executives fatter cats than they already are? I wonder how Muse would answer this question. Anyone know what that answer might be?
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