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  1. Ohh, that's really nice! I'll definitly try it out:D I had Matt's guitars on my nails a few weeks back. Not too creative and unique, I guess, but I really liked it Glitterati, Casinocaster, Keytar, Silver Bomber and so on...And the piano on the tumbs:D Got a lot of questions, and I was MORE THAN happy to explain:p
  2. I shout "Make me dream your dreams..." atm, and I get A LOT of weird answers... People keep telling me about their dreams... Some slaughter children in their dreams, and others are more...complicated;) You: make me dream your dreams... Stranger: hmm Stranger: im trying Stranger: well my dream is simple i guess Stranger: live forever Stranger: and when our existance is pretty much a blip in reality Stranger: i think thats a pretty persausive dream You: hmm... You: ever listened to muse? Stranger: Yeahp Stranger: i like newborn Stranger: and knights of cedonia You: that's good! Stranger: hehe yeah
  3. Just saw this thread today, and I had to try! You: MUSE! Stranger: do u have big nose? Stranger: big beard? You: uhh, no.... Stranger: then? Stranger: what do you have? You: I have a map of your head! Stranger: from? You: well, where di you think?? You: from hullabaloo, of course! Stranger: f? Stranger: m? Your conversational partner has disconnected.
  4. Hey there everybody! I'm sort of newish here, and I lurked a lot in the old PMT, but I figured I might as well start posting here too. I haven't got very much time to spend on the internet, but I always try to get in here as much as possible. Anywas, hope I'm doing things the right way, tell me if I'm not:)
  5. Hi! I'm new here, These are so cute!! Chris needs more love:) *subscribes*
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