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  1. okay so could someone kindly try to tab the glastonbury riff from 2004 played before B&H? I know the beginning of it has been tabbed and it can be seen in musewiki too but after that there's something mysterious there and i'd like to find it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPXqN68Vg-U from the very beginning
  2. yeah I can figure out that much but i got no idea how to play it
  3. Hey what happened here? you guys just post some tab requests far from Muse? Anyways, I hoped someone could tab the Uprising live KROQ tab before solo part 3:50
  4. So i did a quick search but didn't find this: In London Astoria 2000 matt played this cool intro for muscle museum so could someone please tab it Here's the link:
  5. Oh thanks I started playing around with those it didn't sound exactly right but as I said i'm newb i've only played guitar for a few months so i might be wrong but anyways i got it like this: E|------------------7----------|---6----------5---------------|-------------------------------------------------|------ B|------------------------------|--------------------------------|------------------------------------------------|----- G|----------7---------7---6--|------6--5------5-4----------|4b--4p2h4p2p0h2p0--------------------|----- D|------------------------------|--------------------------------|----------------------------2p0h2p02b----|----- A|------------------------------|--------------------------------|------------------------------------------------|-2-- E|------------------------------|--------------------------------|------------------------------------------------|-0--- For the third bar i really don't know what he does there but the riff sounds nice:p thanks again you helped me a lot
  6. So SMBH in reading 2006 matt plays that cool little outro riff could someone tab it, it doesn't sound too hard to tab. I just suck at tabbing and I haven't been playing guitar so long. Sorry if it's already been asked before but at least I've done some googleing and it seems to me that it hasn't been tabbed before. The riff starts somewhere about 3:45 in the video
  7. It is unique I only hope it would be made as a dvd option so that you could use 360 cameras in the dvd because my computer is kind of slow. But the thing is that you shouldn't be looking at chris' bum for 5 minutes if you don't like it. The purpose of 360 cameras are that you can watch whatever you want to whenever during the song you want to.
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